Happy Last fathers Day

Hello Mr. Mikey Weinstein. I’m the mother of 4 God fearing children of the Lord Jesus Christ. Do your kids and the Lord’s whole green earth a favor today and choke to death on a chicken bone. You’re a servant of Satan and deserve the flames which will surely await you. 2 Peter 2:4  1 Thessalonians 2:15

(name withheld)

Hello (name withheld),

I fear for your children and I suspect your God is weeping as this filth spews from your misanthropic heart.

Mike Farrell

(MRFF Board of Advisors)

Such a shameful email you sent to Mr Weinstein. . .
. . .and for you to quote Scripture is even more shameful, (name withheld). . .
  Here’s an idea, (name withheld), when you are confronted with information on someone that you have heard only of, use some intelligence to explore a more in depth exploration on your own. . .  if you had done that with Mikey Weinsten there would of been no reason to send such an ugly and ignorant email to him, and on Father’s Day of all days. . .
  The truly good news is that, Mikey Weinstein, along with his wonderful family, have the respect and ongoing support of so many incredibly educated, deeply wholesome,  personally responsible and healthy focused individuals, that we all have his back.
  There is an old saying, ” that one is known by the company they keep” and with Mikey Weinstein do know I am honored to be called his friend an sister. . .
  It’s always necessary to rid one’s mind and soul, Susan, of hatred, lies and confusion, as Scripture names these characteristics as belonging to The Fallen Angel who was cast out, named Lucifer. . .
      Jude Morford



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