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I am interested in one thing – do you have the same anti-christian furor towards the Muslim faith in the military?

(name withheld)

Dear (name withheld),

You’re confused. MRFF is not anti-Christian. MRFF is anti-theocracy; that is, we’re against abusing government authority to promote (or inhibit) religion. MRFF support secular, neutral use of government (including military) authority. MRFF has even sided with Christian service members against atheists. It depends on the issue and on which side is abusing government authority. Statistically, yes, most MRFF cases involve Christians abusing government authority. News flash: that’s because they’re the ones who keep breaking the law! When they stop abusing power over subordinates, we’ll stop having cases.


Dustin Chalker

MRFF Atheist Affairs Advisor

Thanks Dustin!


As we both know – the Internet can be great. Sometimes it’s just best to ask the source. Everyone has an opinion…and much like the assholes they come from – they can stink.


I am ex-Navy and do understand…actually I’m glad you’re around. Much like the much-maligned ACLU. They have some pretty off-the-wall causes, and we should all be grateful for some of the cases they have taken on. Otherwise we don’t probably want to know how the country would be without groups like them and yours.


Thank you for your information. Appreciate your five-minutes. Go ahead – piss off some Admirals and Generals!!!

(name withheld)

Hi (name withheld)  ,

Though I don’t think your question is a serious one, let me offer a response on the off-chance your mind is open enough to hear it.

First, we have no “anti-Christian furor,” no anti-Christian bias, no hatred of Jesus or any of the things the devotees of Fox and other right-wing or Christian supremacist organs pretend to believe we do.

Actually, over 95% of our staff, clients, board and supporters are themselves Christians. They are just not the kind of Christians who disparage and demean those who do not believe exactly as they do.

Second, if there was an effort on the part of a Muslim sect to infiltrate and insinuate itself into power in our government through our military, you bet we would confront and condemn it.

But, because I don’t think your question was an honest one but rather a sarcastic attempt to make a point about our posture, let me only say I hope you’ll consider the above responses and think again about what we do.


If your message was prompted by the current hysteria about our opposition to Jerry Boykin’s being invited to speak at Fort Riley, rest easy. We don’t care if Mr. Boykin wants to rave on again in homophobic, Islamophobic and Christian-supremacist terms, we just don’t want to have him be invited to do it in what would actually be a government-sponsored event.

Mike Farrell
(MRFF Board of Advisors)


Let me thank you for your passion for your cause!
First off – you are right. That note was a spur of the moment comment made after a conversation with a friend who (and I know him well enough by now to where I should – operative word here – ignore his diatribes.) Which, in this case I didn’t and made that comment instead of reading your site and asking legitimate questions.
In a way I’m actually glad I did write that little ditty…it did come from total ignorance for one and two I found a group I like. Your passion is obvious and I got an education today.
Thank you for your work. I do know what you stand for now. I am working on not writing those quick and not thought out notes (no excuses…but adhd does sometimes come into play…).
Many thanks for the education and reminder not to do that again without doing some reading
(name withheld)

Dear (name withheld),

Thank you for this message. It is deeply appreciated. I understand how sometimes the words of

friends can mislead us into doing or saying something we later regret. But it takes courage to not

only recognize the mistake but go the next step and apologize for it and explain the circumstances

in which it happened.

You’re very kind to have done so. As you’ll note, I’m copying this response to Mikey Weinstein,

the founder of the MRFF, who is the one on the receiving end of so much nonsense as a result of

the misunderstandings and ill will spread by people like the friend you describe. I’m sure he’ll be

very grateful for your response as well.

Best to you.

Mike Farrell

(MRFF Board of Advisors)









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