ACLJ – No, Mikey, the Sky Isn’t Falling: Defending Chaplains from Anti-Christian Zealots

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1 Comment

  1. Connie

    Read as far as I could get before the phone started to fly from my fingers. Disaster avoided by leaving the article. Whew! That was close.

    Spoiler review of what I gleaned:

    When I departed the ACLJ site the author was Domionist’slaining how the folks in question were just expressing their religious views which they are allowed to do. They actually said there is nothing in either the Constitution or Amendments requiring secularism.

    And here is the concept the author doesn’t even touch – the chaplains expressed their personal beliefs while wearing a uniform, a federal uniform, which should represent all Americans, at an unofficial event.

    The giant FU shouted out to everyone who doesn’t believe as they do? We need to suck it up buttercup. The USA is too PC these days.

    The regulations anyone in the military agree to follow? The author didn’t say this out loud but his intent (betrayed by others just like him) is faith first, country second. Which, I believe is why the author described the consequences attached to breaking said regs each service person vowed to follow and uphold “draconian”.

    Another shining example of my faith is the only special shiny one with all the answers so I and those who believe exactly as I do must have special treatment.

    I have some ideas of ‘special treatment’ but I’m certain our visions do not agree.

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