11/22/16 – 5 People Donald Trump Should Be Thankful for… MRFF/Mikey Listed at Number 5 (with FFRF & ACLU) By Right Wing, Conservative Christian Outlet Charismanews.com

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  1. American Patriot

    Yes, all Evangelicals are thankful to Mikey for pushing us to go out there and vote to save our religious liberties from the likes of Weinstein. Soon, with Trump in office, we can de-fund Planned Parenthood, make an end of legal gay marriage, put DADT back in place in the military and hopefully kick all trannies out of the military and Mikey will no longer have any advocates in the White House or the Pentagon to complain too, his complaints will fall on deaf ears for once.

    Yes it has been a good year so far, the Cubs won the World Series, Trump was elected president and the tyrant Castro is dead! Now Cuba can be free again and grow economically! God is good!

  2. Connie

    Dominionist talking point misses the meaning of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Can’t wait until Dominionist scum try to force those out of the closet back into the darkness. They believe we are weak. (Chuckle) Good. Good.

    You should have accepted sharing AP. Since you won’t (or can’t) I will take satisfaction in your elimination.

    I know where we’ve been and how far we’ve come. I won’t go back again.

  3. G

    Gay marriage is now the accept norm AP. There is no turning back. If you want to re-instated the DADT, then you can forget about people joining the military when they have no incentive to fight for this country that treats them like second class citizens. Of course, then the right wingers will have to do all the fighting and I will not complain when they are deprived of VA and other military benefits when they get mentally and physically destroy by a war.

    Cuba didn’t grow economically due to the US embargo nor did it prosper when it was under the dictator Batista. 90% of the population was illiterate and had no access to education, medical, etc, and the American Mafia was allowed free rein in Cuba. Some economic growth!.

    What go is religious liberty when religion doesn’t do a thing to give you a decent standard of living?

  4. American Patriot

    I am sorry G, but gay marriage is not the acceptable norm to God and I will never accept what God abhors and calls an abomination and sin!!

  5. G

    AP, did God personally inform you that gay marriage is not acceptable to him?

  6. Noshoes

    American Patriot: you seem like a bit of a “cherry-picker” to me. As in, picking the parts of the Bible you like in order to marginalize people then discarding the rest. Got any divorced friends? Ever enjoy a shrimp cocktail? Talk back to your parents? Wear clothing with mixed fabrics? All expressly forbidden by this Bible you love so much. Jesus said nothing about homosexuality but he had a lot to say about turning the other cheek and being nice to strangers, two things of which you are utterly incapable. Study up and get back to us, sweetie.

  7. G

    Hey AP, what about the wealthy people and corporations nickel and diming the rest of us especially the poor people? Proverbs 22:22

  8. American Patriot

    Matter of fact G, yes God did tell me that gay marriage is unacceptable to Him, he says it right there in His Word for all mankind. All throughout the bible it states that marriage is explicitly for one man to one woman, going all the way back to Genesis.

  9. Connie

    AP – what verse exactly states one man, one woman? And does that contradict the verses advocating one man and many women? There seems to be some confusion as to your assertion that you, AP, know the bible better than the rest of humanity. Just saying…

    And shall we talk about the lack of condemnation of The Gahys by your guy Jesus. You know him, you must as there is so much written about him. Very telling that Jesus had a message of love and all you do, AP, is advocate for hate.

  10. G

    As usual AP, your knowledge or rather the lack of your knowledge of the Bible constantly fails you when you are dealing with a person like Connie.

  11. American Patriot

    To Noshoes,

    Yes I do have many divorced friends, and yes divorce is a sin, but if they have confessed that to God and repented then they are forgiven and some have gone to be remarried because some had the biblical right to remarry according to the Apostle Paul’s teachings in the NT.

    No I have not a shrimp cocktail because I do not like seafood, but even if I did it would not stop me from having it, because I am a Gentile and not Jewish and not bound by the kosher laws in the OT. I can also wear mixed fabric clothes as well. You see Noshoes, those requirements were all apart of the Sinai Covenant or Mosaic Law that God gave to the early Israelites while they were in the desert before getting to the Promised Land as a way to separate themselves from the surrounding heathen people groups. However, the Jewish people are no longer under that Mosaic Law or Covenant as the Apostle Paul, a Jew says in the NT, that they as well as Christians are under a new a better covenant a covenant of grace and not law. Jesus fulfilled all of the Law (Torah) in Himself, so even Jews if they wish too are not bound to the kosher laws, but some still observe them as to identify with their people and heritage.

    Yes I did talk back to my parents when younger, but that is all covered under the blood of Christ which I confessed and now forgiven of.

    You are right, Jesus did not say anything about homosexuality, nor did He say anything about beastiality, or domestic violence, or rape, but that still does not mean it is right, however, He did talk about marriage when He said that a man shall his father and mother and a woman leave her home and they shall cleave unto each other, so Jesus only sanctioned the marriage of a man and woman, however, the other writers of the NT, like the Apostle Paul had a lot to say about homosexuality and none of it was good, all of them condemned it.

    When Jesus was talking about turning the other cheek, that was in reference to seeking retaliation and that is it.

    So, there is your short Jewish history lesson for the day and I did not have to study up on this sweetie, for I have known about this for awhile and just had to recall it from memory.

  12. G

    Gee AP, then why should we Christians should be bound like the Ten Commandments what is stated in the Old Testament if you feel that you (as a Christian) are not bound to not eat seafood, to kosher laws and mixed fabric clothing? Otherwise, why bother to study the Old Testament in the first place at a religion school. The Bible should then be half the size then it is originally is?

    You have such a good memory AP, then why does Connie seem to have a better memory of the Bible compare to you?

  13. Angela Schweig

    AP-sorry I’m late with this comment. You make me laugh (bitterly) about your ignorant hubris. Before I get into my comment, I’m a Christian, but probably not a type you allow in your clubhouse. I was taught the Bible by my parents and a grandmother. But they taught me that America is a secular constitutional republic and MUST ALWAYS REMAIN THAT WAY. Even my very devout Grandmother reinforced that the Constitution supersedes the Bible, NOT the other way around. So (deliberately not addressing reproductive freedom or marriage equality), my warning to you and other Dominionists is DO NOT TRY TO MAKE A THEOCRACY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA OR YOU WILL FACE A SECOND REVOLUTION.

  14. Connie

    Angela, I stand united with you.

    AP, Take your theocracy and shove it. You sure like to complain about liberals shoving a progressive agenda*** on you but have no compunction of shoving your faith on others. Your persecution complex is due to your own actions, even as you blame everyone else in the world.

    *** I’m not mentioning reproductive freedom or marriage equality either

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