The Disease of Jewishness

In the history of mankind there has been exactly One Good Jew, Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior.

All the rest have disease in their biology called jewishness.

Adolf Hitler did his best to rid mankind of this disease of jewishness.

History will show him to be a hero.

But the disease comes back in the form of Mikie Weinsteins sometime.

But the tide of righteousness in America has turned. And the disease of jewishness will soon be as extinct as polio.

Mikie Weinstein will just be a wax figure in a museum of the extinct disease race of jewishness.

Merry Christmas to Mikie. The future wax statue.

Response from MRFF Advisory Board Member Mike Farrell

The disease of ignorance

Dear Epifrog,

You’re an insult to frogs. And probably not half as attractive.

Your disgusting email exhibits the worst elements of neanderthalism, but to suggest you bear any resemblance to someone as advanced as a neanderthal insults their memory.

Because your adoration of the long-dead Adolph suggests you admire him and his methods, I consider this a threat to Mr. Weinstein’s life and will urge him to turn this screed over to the authorities.

But before they put you away, let me offer my utter contempt for you, what you’ve said here, what you let stew in that excuse for a mind you’re wasting, and everything else you and your ilk stand for.

Since you imply a devotion to Jesus, a connection I’m certain he would find revolting, I’d urge you to share your sentiments with whichever priest, minister, pastor or reverend to whom you claim an attachment. If she or he doesn’t flay you on the steps of the temple as you deserve, there’s something wrong with the sect you’ve adopted.

Keep your hood and robe cleaned and pressed for the celebration I’m sure you expect given the turning of your “tide of righteousness.” I’ll be watching for you.

Mike Farrell
(MRFF Board of Advisors)




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  1. Could You please give us some examples of what the Jewish race has done that makes them such bad people

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