UPDATE: 4/3/17 – MRFF’s Senior Research Director Chris Rodda on Huffington Post & Daily Kos: “Will the Christian Fighter Pilot Get Away with Calling the New Lesbian AF Academy Commandant a Liar?”

(UPDATED: 4/3/17)

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(UPDATED: 4/3/17)

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  1. Joshua Rownd

    Well they would be right, she did lie, simple as that. She lied about her sexuality when entering the AFA.

  2. Marshalldoc

    That Dowty has continued as a commissioned Air Force officer for so many years despite his repeated and way-far over-the-top screeds is an indicator of something that’s been abundantly evident to those observing the rise of domionist Christian supremacy both in our military and in civil society in general. Were Dowty blogging as he does from the viewpoint of a Muslim, Hindu, Jew (…well, maybe not considering the current trend venerating all things ‘Judeo-Christian’, something Jews should view with trepidation considering history), Buddhist, or some other non-Christian mythology he would have been given the choice of remaining on active duty and keeping his views to himself (because, regardless of disclaimers, they do represent the U.S. Government) or of pursuing a career as a Christian supremacist-homophobic agitpropagandist outside the military (Note: I recognize that Dowty’s twisted views would not find resonance in any of those other religious traditions). But it is abundantly clear that his obsessions (Christian domionist supremacy & homophobia – let’s not speculate on why he’s so focused on that!) override any sense of propriety and military courtesy. But, regardless of how extreme his rants become there’s never any price he’s made to pay. That’s evidently because those in power (and now in the White House, Congress, etc.) do not find his views repulsive or reprehensible; they’re in quiet agreement. That Gen. Goodwin has been nominated to head the Air Force Academy and for promotion is a major advance in the cause of human rights (not just gay rights – we all benefit from a more just society) but the key word here is ‘nominated’; she’s not yet been confirmed (as I understand it), and the powers that Dowty represents and serves as a mouthpiece for are more than ever in control and calling the shots. Her progress toward confirmation must be carefully monitored as well as our nation’s slide into a religious fascism the likes of which caused our nation’s founders to flee their ‘Christian Nations’ in Europe in hopes of creating a more just society in the New World. As Ben Franklin is reputed to have said… ‘a republic madam, if you can keep it’.

  3. Connie

    I do not have access to personnel documents so I can’t confirm or deny an individual’s truth telling status.

    I do know the military mindset. When DADT was repealed I am sure any person forced into a falsehood was excused.

    It is small minded of JR and their hero The Christian Fighter Pilot (who isn’t a fighter pilot anymore) to focus on this one item to the exclusion of anything else.

    Of course JR is a two dimensional black and white cartoon character so a lack of brains is to be expected.

  4. Joshua Rownd

    Well since the promotion to Brigadier General has to go through the President, she may not be approved by Trump and thus not become commandant.

  5. Connie

    A question for JR or other Dominionist types –

    Where is your outrage for new military recruits who take an oath to serve the constitution while publicly stating they are Christians first and American second. They lied, in fact those folks have lied more than any person of the LGBTQA community. Where are the blog posts condemning these lies?

    Oh wait – like ‘It’s Ok If You’re A Republican’ it’s ok to lie in defense of religion (Hint: it’s not). I’m pretty sure the commandments have something else to say about truth telling, like you don’t get a pass by lying to heathens and pagans. A lie is a lie, no matter who does the telling and who is the recepient.

    Not holding my breath but I’m waiting to see how a Dominionist twists my logic to make themselves the “good” guys.

  6. Thomas Cleaver

    Thanks for the reminder that the ability to fly an airplane is not a mark of anything special (I used to think otherwise) – if it was, this moron and the other winger idiots in cockpits wouldn’t be able to.

  7. Joshua Rownd

    Thomas Cleaver,
    Let me ask you, can you fly a multi-million dollar fighter jet like the F-16, F-15, or F-35 going Mach 1 and do aerial dogfights with the enemy, nope, I did not think so. Time for you to either put up or shut up sir.

  8. Funny that this Dowty character has chosen to attack his fellow officer on the subject of telling the truth. I can only laugh when I think of all the traitorous lies told over and over again by their commander in chief.

  9. Joshua Rownd

    Oh you mean all the lies that Obama said while President!

  10. John Thomson

    I don’t see anything in his comments that indicate JR was ever in the military. The first thing you do is swore an oath and sign a contract promising to uphold the Constitution. There was nothing in that oath about a person’s sexual preference. He and the scum sucking Dowty are very likely wrong about the “lie”. Yeah, I know that’s never stopped their kind from perpetrating their own scurrilous lies. Dowty deserves to be given a court martial, stripped of his commission and retirement benefits then thrown in Leavenworth.

    I’ve known E-1s to three stars including several pilots. My primary concern was always their competence at their particular duties. Their religious beliefs were ALWAYS third or lower on the list of who they answered to. This is still true today. Dowty is in violation of the duties.

    Can you, JR, pilot a fighter jet? Regardless, that’s not relevant to the issue here. Don’t pretend it is. Granted it takes special skills to be a fighter pilot but that’s not the issue and you’re just deflecting. That special skill set, or any other, doesn’t mean their views on other matters are superior to any other viewpoint. I think you know that much at the least.

    The deflection to the former president is contemptible and shows you as small minded and realizing you’re losing the argument.

  11. Holly

    I don’t remember being asked about my sexuality when entering USAFA or at any time during my career. If the same was true for Goodwin, when was she forced to lie?

  12. G

    “Oh you mean all the lies that Obama said while President!”

    No JR, Mr. Kaiser was referring to Mr. Trump. What about all the lies that Bush and Senior, Bush, Jr. that got us into two wars with Iraq and an insurgency?

    What about all the cops that lie under oath when they testified in court after swearing to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help them God?

    What about the Republicans lying while swearing to protect and defend US Constitution but actually swearing an oath to the Republican Party and to Grover Norquist: https://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/plum-line/wp/2015/08/13/nearly-all-the-gop-candidates-bow-down-to-grover-norquist/?utm_term=.f6c0c16f3628

  13. Joshua Rownd

    Israel proved that there were WMD’s in Iraq a few years ago. Israel has the best intelligence in the world even above out own.

    What do you have against cops G, you are painting with a broad brush saying that all cops are corrupt, I know that is false. Good cops hate bad cops because it makes them look bad. By the way, there are more than cops who lie on the stand G, I think you should know that, it happens all the time. Oh yeah, I am sure there have been even military personnel who have lied under oath as well, why don’t you call them out as well? Democrats also lie even while swearing to protect and defend the Constitution, it goes both ways! Even lesbians like Chris Rodda lie too while writing an article about a highly trained fighter pilot with combat experience.

  14. G

    JR, if the Israeli had proof of WMDs then why did not Bush use their intelligence reports to justify going into Iraq? There were not WMDS in Iraq, period. The officials of the Bush Administration later admitted that the war was about the oil.

    Cops brush anyone as anti-cop even when that person has legal complaint against the police. If good cops hate bad cops, how come you don’t see the good cops taking action against the bad cops? You probably never heard of the blue wall of silence.

    You look at the history of policing in America, cops were and still are used as a private police force for wealthy people and corporations.

    Cops are not supposed to lie on the stand; otherwise, how can people trust them? Cops get away with lying on the stand because the good cops, the judges, and the district attorneys can’t or wouldn’t do a thing about it. You should know that JR, it happens all the time.

    “Even lesbians like Chris Rodda lie too while writing an article about a highly trained fighter pilot with combat experience.”

    Yeah and even people who are heterosexuals lie so what is your point? BTW, you have any proof that Rodda is lying or are you all mouth as usual?

  15. G

    No, JR, as Pope Francis said “Every life is sacred.”

    “I will always take the side of the police over a perpetrator.”

    Yeah, you would take the side the of the police even if the perpetrator happens to be an innocence person arrest for a crime, he/she did not commit or got arrested because the cops thought the person had a “contempt of cop” attitude. Or the perpetrators happens to be law abiding citizens exercising their constitutional right not to have their homes, cars, or even themselves search without a search warrant or reasonable suspicion. BTW, many of those perpetrators are police officers themselves who get protect by even the good cops.

    “…..they will not come running if you need their assistance.”

    Wealthy people and corporations don’t like the police except to do their bidding and if the police refuse to help, those two groups have powerful political connections to make the police lives miserable.

    The Afro-American Sheriff named Clarke in the state of Wisconsin said that the public should not bother to call 911if they need police help which begs the question, why do we need a police force then? Even the Supreme Court ruled that the police are under no obligation to protect the public. BTW, the police need assistance from the public, but they should not complain about not getting any since the public has too many good reasons not to call the police. Too many friends, family members, and neighbors have seen their fellow human beings get killed by the police when they call for police help.

  16. Pooka

    Holly —
    I was having the exact same thought. What is that guy smoking.
    –Class of ’72

  17. Godlessveteran

    JR, can you accurately translate documents on avionics, nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons, or cyber warfare, from several foreign languages into English? Fighter pilots are glorified bus drivers, you knob.


    This fighter pilot seems to be imitating his current Commander in Chief who makes all kinds of false statements, without a shred of evidence, eg, nearly 3 million fraudulent voters…
    Yet the only 2 people convicted of election fraud in 2016 were GOP operatives!!

  19. Richin AZ

    In my nearly five years of active duty, 1964-9, I never met such a vulgar (in every definition of that word) senior officer as this Lt.Colonel. The Air Force Officer Corps is certainly not what it once was, and that may hold true for every branch. How can the enlisted men possibly respect such horrible “leaders”?

  20. MJ

    Richin AZ: Because the enlisted are trained by their direct leaders to BE Xtian Crusader warriors. To bad vulgarity is now the language of the very common people and of those who would burn at the stake, literally as well as figuratively, any and all who would hold views they consider evil. Talk about a country going to hell in a handbasket!!!

  21. DJSloan

    Joshua, please validate your statement with proof and source.
    Joshua Rownd: “Well they would be right, she did lie, simple as that. She lied about her sexuality when entering the AFA.”

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