3/31/17 – Renowned Civil Rights Activist Mikey Weinstein to Participate in Debate on Religious Freedom

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  1. G

    Got any proof that Mikey curses and yell at the other debaters, JR?

    Mikey will destroy the other debaters. Sonny Hernandez is probably too scared of Weinstein to debate him.

  2. G

    “I would not call Mikey renowned.”

    That is your opinion JR. It is not shared by me.

    “How many people have even heard of Mikey in the United States, not that many”

    Well, thanks to Trump and computer technology, many more people have heard of Weinstein and are sending money to his organization.

    “He is showing is narcissistic disorder he struggles with”

    Do you have any access to Weinstein’s medical records, JR?

  3. G

    “By the way, narcissism is not a medical condition, it is a mental condition”

    It doesn’t matter what kind of condition narcissism is, the question is that do you have access to Weinstein’s records regarding his mental condition?

    “Mikey has no formal debating experience and McFarland has been doing it a lot longer than Mikey has. Sonny Hernandez is not afraid of Mikey one bit, Sonny has challenged Mikey a couple times and Mikey refuses to debate him, sounds like Mikey is the scared one.”

    Just because a person like McFarland has plenty of debating experience, it doesn’t mean a thing when the debate is not done in a civilized manner. Look at Bill O’Reilly and other Fox people how they talk over their opponents, laugh at them, interrupt them, gang up on them, don’t get their opponents equal time to present their viewpoint, etc. Sad role models when it comes to debating someone. If Weinstein doesn’t have enough debating experience, then explain why he accept the invitation to debate McFarland?

    Did Mikey ever state why he refuses to debate Hernandez? Maybe Weinstein refuses to debate Hernandez because Hernandez uses Fox New debating tactics that I have mention in the above paragraph.

    “Mikey has no formal debating experience…”

    Yeah and American CEOs supposedly have more experience in running a business than the American workforce; yet, they can’t run their businesses in an ethical, honest manner, can’t make products that do not injure or kill people and without destroying the environment , and are always looking for total immunity for their dangerous products

  4. Joshua Rownd

    I can assure you that McFarland will not use the so called Fox News debating techniques . I have watched You Tube debates McFarland has done and that has never happened. He has in the past debated Christopher Hitchens before he went to his eternal demise.

    I am sure that Hernandez would not use such named Fox News tactics as well.

    Boy G, you are just down one everyone, the police, businesses, you are not a happy person are you??

  5. G

    Boy JR, you are not a happy person when people have justified complaints against the police. Obviously, you have not keep up with the stories of police brutality and corruption in places like Chicago, Baltimore, and Ferguson, Missouri and are totally blind to what is happening with regards to the police in this country.

    How can you be sure that Hernandez would not use such tactics by Fox? You got any proof?

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