“PTSD-Denying Right-Wing Preacher Will Speak At Army Prayer Breakfast”

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PTSD-Denying Right-Wing Preacher Will Speak At Army Prayer Breakfast

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  1. Steven Kivari

    It seems that neither Copland or the author of this article acknowledge that the medical model or paradigm should not be used as is the custom in the military and VA for cases of military sexual assault. It is my view that it has long been the status quo to protect the perpetrators of these crimes by pathologizing and gaslighting their victims. Post-Traumatic Stress? Yes! Mental Disorder No.

    A psychiatric label applied to such victims is like a life sentence, a caste certification to under employment or unemployment. The VA compensation policies do not permit compensation for military sexual assault (MSA). It only compensates for alleged “symptoms”.

    Among service organizations, it seems that none of them will pursue a case where a vet injured by military sexual assault and or its partner, military psychiatric assault attempts to recover damages from them. Instead, they will pretend to represent the vet while in actuality represent the interests of the “mental health” industry that it seems, owns the military, the VA and the lawmakers.

    Vets seeking advocacy for them, not the “mental health” lobby will find no defenders among attorneys either. They too, will only take cases where the injured vet will seek so called compensation that will deepen the stigma that has already destroyed their careers by validating and legitimating the gaslighting and pathologization inherent in VA comp policy.

    When it comes to military sexual assault, the victim is placed in the position of a non-person, just as during the earlier attacks. They must validate and legitimate the very practice of victim blaming that is so much a part of the “psychiatric treatment” and labeling. In effect, they are being pressured to testify against themselves and own the label.

    There is one attorney in the U.S. who has attempted to represent classes of MSA victims and has had her cases dismissed, so add the judicial system as supporting the culture of sexual assault in the military and partaking of the blame the victim part of that culture.

    There needs policy change that enables vets seeking restitution to not have to become part of the “mental health” lobby. As it is now, it’s One Size Fits all, and that size is incarceration without due process, violation of one’s physical integrity (forced injections, shock), humiliation, and a lifelong status that excludes the labeled from effectively competing in the labor market.

    If this country were really committed to the its ostensible founding ideals, it must stop the sexual and psychiatric violence it now encourages when it promotes perpetrators and gives their victims “THE TREATMENT’.

  2. Convivencia

    Mr. Kivari, I understand your concerns about employment and forced treatment. Unfortunately, this discord might currently only be solvable in a pick your poison context.
    You are stuck with an economic reality of seeking treatment in a traditional psychiatric setting out of the VA. Paying for cognitive behavioral therapy (for example) can be pricey when you use a private provider. I’ve never been in the military. I’m a former special education teacher and a Spanish teacher. Were you ever forced to endure religious therapy? I can only say with limited experience that Ohio has made sexual conversion therapy illegal. As an election advocate (protecting people from having to vote provisionally under false pretenses) I want several things to happen legally but I fear they have a snowball’s chance in hell: I want to see FISA ,HIPPA laws and The Bankruptcy and Consumer Protection Act and The Help America Vote Act revisited. I feel like our privacy is suffocated. One possible way to take the sting out of HIPPA laws that enable employers to pressure an applicant with employment contingent on the results of one’s health info, might actually work in a government single payer network. I would rather that the government have my health info as opposed to suffering under the whims of an employer’s private insurance. Employers should be banned from performing credit checks as a condition of employment.

  3. Steven Kivari

    Convivencia, Today is the first I have seen your response. I do not seek any traditional psychiatric “treatment”. I have listened to advocates of Cognitive Behavior Therapy. From what I heard from such an advocate (a CBT therapist I think and possibly one of the founders of such “therapy”) the central idea of this psychiatric fad is that everyone is responsible for what happens to them in their life. I do not buy into this. The victims of the West African to America slave trade were not responsible for their circumstances. The First (American) Nation people were not responsible for the genocide that has been and perhaps even now is being waged upon them. The dissidents, Jews, roma and other p

  4. Steven Kivari

    (continuing from above) people starting with those in
    German psychiatric institutions were not responsible for their being murdered. I don’t see how you insist that I am “stuck with an economic reality of seeking treatment”… Once more, I am not seeking “treatment” nor indicated I was in my post above. What makes you assume I was? You then go on to state that the choice (if a vet were seeking “treatment” is “treatment in a traditional psychiatric setting out of the VA.” or “Paying for cognitive behavioral therapy”. Cognitive Behavior Therapy has been a staple of VA treatment. The central tenet of CBT as mentioned is one is responsible for whatever happens in your life . This is the what blame the victim looks like. This is the idea that sex crime perpetrators advance to escape accountability. This is the excuse the defenders of the culture of Military Sexual Assault uphold . This is the basis for psychiatric retaliation against those active duty vets who try to resist or report the crime. It is a tenet held by those who do not hold an ethical value for the Non Aggression Principle, or the primacy of ownership of one’s own body. Both sex crime perps and forced “treatment” advocates and functionaries lack such values.
    The same lack produced the witch era, where anyone who failed to convert to the “One True Faith” were burned at the stake, dunked or pressed to death. Forced military psychiatry and Military Sexual Assault are both iterations of the impulses that drove the Inquisitions. Neither belong in a free state.

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