Thank You From Retired U.S. Army Combat Soldier

After hearing from a few peers and people with the same views as my wife and I, we looked into MRFF and started reading articles, watching different videos and seeing the great changes that MRFF has brought about and knowing there are more to come. My wife and I had a military related problem and we reached out to Mikey Weinstein and less than 60 seconds later I got his call and he more than out did himself and the MRFF.

 My wife and I are both prior military, US Army, with myself earning a Combat Action Badge and was combat retired from the Army. I am also retired DOD. We met each other while in Iraq during OIF 3 and with us having the same views and wanting to see the same problems changed not only in the US Army, but in the US as a whole, we started researching and finding others around us that were tired of the constant religious privilege and nobody opening their mouths about the wrongs around them and do so with others with the same goals and that will not only support them but be the extra bricks and mortar to rebuild the walls that the religious right keep trying to take down. We are starting our own local group to get others to see there are more people around with the same views and drive to see change. Now after talking with Mikey today and seeing there is another group dedicated to the military and that know how our rules and regulations are far more complicated than that of our civilian counterparts.

My wife and I have witnessed and corrected a lot not only church/state violations in our schools locally but also with the gate guards on FT Knox. There is still a lot around us that we have tried to change and bring to light but with others thinking they are right and the laws are wrong, there is only so much we can do.

As for myself, I was born in Peekskill NY just a few miles south of The United States Military Academy at West Point. I was born into an Italian Roman Catholic immigrant family and after being placed in foster care was baptized and attended a local Baptist church almost up to the time I left for Basic Training. I have always been curious and questioned everything that wasn’t logical and researched everything for myself instead of hearing others opinions about it, religions in general. While in Iraq as a Gun Truck Commander and then 50cal gunner, we traveled and seen a lot of Babylon and the “holy” sites. 

My wife was born in the bible belt, Missouri, and had a lot of religious family members but never “pursued” it and after we met and started researching for ourselves and meeting others that had the same views and that wanted to see change to protect not only the local laws but the federal one too, to include the Constitution, from being corrupted by those bending it for their own gains, we decided to be open about the wrongs around us.
After talking to Mikey, he said there wasn’t anybody in my area to help be a stepping stone to help others wanting change or that are too afraid to open their mouths about the violations or what they see as unfair treatment because it involved someone in their leadership or fellow soldiers. I will be talking to Mikey and the MRFF more and we are in the process of setting up a new e-mail for others locally to reach out and report the stuff around them without fear of repercussion.

(Retired U.S. Army Combat Soldier’s name, rank and location all withheld) 

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