Commander’s Attempt to Proselytize Stopped By the MRFF’s Help

From: Active Duty Service Members’ E-Mail Addresses Withheld
Subject: Commander’s Attempt to Proselytize Stopped By the MRFF’s Help
Date: March 17, 2018 at 9:45:32 AM MDT
To: Mikey Weinstein

To: The MRFF

From: 11 Active Duty U.S. (Service Branch Name Withheld) MRFF Clients

Subject: Stopping Commander’s Proselytizing Via Actor Kevin Sorbo

The undersigned eleven U.S. (Service Branch Name Withheld) active duty personnel wish to thank Mr. M. Weinstein and the support of the MRFF in aiding us in stopping our (unit name withheld) Commander from presenting “Leadership Principles of Kevin Sorbo” at Commanders Call with particular emphasis on Sorbo’s role as an “anti-Christian” college professor in the 2014 Christian-themed movie “God’s Not Dead”.

We requested the MRFF’s help through our installation MRFF coordinator. We were advised of certain court cases and regulations. We met with our Commander and asked (him/her) to not proceed with the “instruction” as it would be a violation of our constitutional oaths and regs.

Our Commander at first was angry. (He/She) stated that (he/she) “only wanted to let people in my command know that the leadership of Christ is a great example to follow”. After a 45 minute discussion we were able to convince our Commander to refrain from proceeding with the proselytizing lessons. We explained to our Commander that there were far better ways to accomplish this leadership instruction using other examples like JFK, Batman or even Breaking Bad’s Walter White. Our Commander is heavily involved in both the Officers Christian Fellowship and the Navigators here at (military installation name withheld). There have been other instances of proselytizing by (him/her).

Big thanks go to the MRFF and Mr. Weinstein for taking our calls even in the middle of the night. And guiding us as to what to do and giving us the information we needed to succeed. The MRFF helped us to stay confident and informed so that we could do this thing in confronting our Commander. If our Commander ever tries this again or tries for revenge we will call the MRFF immediately.

Also one of us had our mom and dad ask for help from the MRFF about 10 years ago and they both were greatly helped back then in 2007 as well.

(all names, ranks, unit position titles withheld)



Christian MRFF Supporter Responds:

On Mar 19, 2018, at 9:44 AM, (name withheld) wrote:

The fundamental problem I have with presenting any particular religious tenets as a good management practice in a US military training class (other than the fact that it clearly violates our Constitution) is that it dismisses the number one teaching of that religion. For Christianity that #1 tenet is that He is God, your creator and you should obey His word because as the creator He is entitled to make the rules. I have not studied the Eastern religions but it seems logical that the first teaching of any religion is “this is the truth and you should follow this teaching of this person/god/spirit”…Click here to read full response!


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