Geller Report Distorts MRFF’s Message: Kentucky: 101st Airborne chaplains accused of dismantling on-post programs for Jewish soldiers

The virulently anti-Muslim propagandist Pamela Geller is on the same side as MRFF in thinking it’s an outrage that Fort Campbell fired its Jewish lay leaders, but for a COMPLETELY different reason. She’s pushing the absurd notion that Fort Campbell is keeping Jews out of sight so that they don’t offend Muslims! Read her ridiculous take below!


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  1. Calif Anon

    Geller is more a Jew than Mikey will ever hope to be and at least she knows who the enemy of the United States is, while Mikey rather sleep in bed with them. Also, people trying to kill her are more factual than Mikey’s are!

  2. G

    You have no proof that Weinstein is less than a Jew than Gellar? Do you have proof that Weinstein is the enemy of the USA plus that Geller’s death threats are more factual?

  3. Calif Anon

    Sir G,
    Yes, Geller has had more death threats than Mikey because she is out there fighting radical Islam and exposing the truth about radical Islam, but wussy liberals scream “Islamaphobe.”

  4. G

    Where are the statistics that Gellar has received more death threats than Weinstein? It is people like you and Gellar that are wiping up Islamophobe because you need a new scapegoat now that Communism has fallen and you need a new whipping boy in order in order to avoid solving the nation’s political, social, and economic problems.

  5. Zaira Ali

    I would like to meet with Miss Geller, the, anti- Muslim, since she is so described as duch, as I would like to have a one on one conversation with her as to her take on identifying who a Muslim is & why such hatred for lack of knowledge & understanding – based on her sources. No arguments or debates, just a simple conversations. Thanks.

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