MRFF Supporter sends photo of POW/MIA Table Done Right

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  1. Calif Anon

    For someone who is supposedly Jewish, Mikey sure doe not know anything about Jewish history or how the bible came about. Calling the bible a “Christian bible” is pure fallacy.

    Let’s see, all the writers of the bible were Jewish except for maybe Luke. The bible was written by Jews for Jews, the Christian church did not come into existence until about 100 years after the resurrection of Christ. All those who followed Christ after His resurrection were Jews who met in synagogues and not churches. So, the bible is actually Jewish and not Christian, so that means Mikey wants to remove a book that is from his own Jewish heritage. My recommendation is that rabbis ban him from coming to their Shul, since he opposes a book written by Jews.

    My recommendation is that Mikey read a book entitled “Jews, God, and History” by Max Dimont.

  2. G

    Weinstein knows about his Jewish history and how the Bible came about.

    Yeah, and the Bible was written by guys long after Jesus had died. You wonder what took it so long to be written?

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