Mikey Renames Spineless Jewish Welfare Board (JWB) “Jewish WIMPS Board”

Mikey/MRFF Statement Lambastes JWB (click to read)

MRFF Senior Research Director, Chris Rodda, Explains MRFF’s Long-Standing Problem with JWB (click to read)

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  1. Calif Anon

    Such hypocrisy by Mikey Weinstein, he is being anti-Semitic to fellow Jews! I think Gen. 12:3 would apply here, he will be cursed by God for cursing another Jew!

  2. G

    Calif Anon. Where is Weinstein being ant-Semitic? If the JWB was doing its job, Weinstein would not be all over them for their failure to do their job.

  3. Calif Anon

    “Mikey Weinstein, president of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, disputes Fort Campbell’s characterization of the Seder based on accounts from a few of his clients who attended the event. He declined to connect the USA TODAY NETWORK-Tennessee with those clients.”

    “Given that Weinstein hasn’t paraded any other “clients” through the media yet, he either hadn’t yet socialized his complaint or his clients were merely the Mizes.

    For the record, Fort Campbell brought in Army Reservist and Chaplain (Rabbi) Aaron Rozovsky to host a community Passover Seder Meal in March. Weinstein’s complaint is likely that the Seder was hosted on Wednesday the 28th, while Passover didn’t actually start until Friday the 30th.

    Apparently Mikey Weinstein thinks Rabbi Rozovsky is part of the anti-Semitic plot at Fort Campbell.

    Though Fort Campbell has opened an investigation, Weinstein has yet to specify any actual mistreatment or misconduct beyond implications of general strife and the sense that the Mize family wasn’t getting along with those at Fort Campbell.

    As before, if Fort Campbell really was “persecuting” its Jewish community by “firing” the lay leaders, there is a serious issue. But, at present, there is very little data or even statements to substantiate that allegation — and, in fact, apparent evidence to refute it.”

  4. G

    Calif Anona, investigations take time and you know it. Look at how long it took for Weinstein to investigate the USAF Academy considering the fact that they stonewall him every chance they go.

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