Anonymous Active Duty U.S. Armed Forces Member and MRFF Client Shares Experience With Bibles on “Fallen Soldier Tables”

From: Anonymous Active Duty U.S. Armed Forces Member and MRFF Client
Subject: Re: MRFF Sends Official DoD/IG Complaint Letter Re: Okinawa Naval Base; Demands Bible Removal
Date: June 28, 2018
To: [email protected]

Mikey and MRFF,

Thank you again for all you do. I saw this issue a couple of years ago, and the military command on Okinawa decided it was easier to do nothing than to do the right thing. Unfortunately this issue isn’t unique to Okinawa nor to the Navy/Marine Corps. I have attached several photos I have taken over the past few weeks so you can see for yourself. This is at Camp Arifjan in Kuwait. Each dining facility has a fallen soldier table with multiple copies of the Christian bibles on it. They are even labeled “fallen soldier table” on the sides of them so there is no mistaking that they were intentionally placed.

The exchanges sell coins featuring Christian medieval crusaders on them – a fitting message to bring to the Middle East and one that certainly wouldn’t be interpreted wrongly in a Muslim majority part of the world. (That’s sarcasm)

I wouldn’t necessarily think this was intentional until I saw the briefing slides that are given weekly by a local unit. The third slide is the chaplains daily prayer. Last week it said: “Faithful God, help us to practice selfless service and courage in small ways, so that in great challenge we are prepared to react with bravery. Exercise us not only in warrior tasks and drills, but discipline us in character, so we act with lasting purpose. Amen.” Something very similar to this is in every brief, beginning with Faithful God and ending with Amen. It is not the role of the chaplain to administer to only people who share his faith.  By forcing a Christian prayer on all members of a unit several times a week, it can be misinterpreted as proselytizing or just plain favoritism of one faith viewpoint.

These are just a few of the issues I have seen in the past few months that I have been stationed out here. There are many smaller issues like emailing bible study packets to entire unit distribution lists, conspicuous tables of Christian only religious materials, and lack of support or services for any faiths other than Christianity. The big reason I wrote is because there are thousands of military members from all branches of services here in Kuwait & Iraq. This type of overt one sided religious bias takes place at most of the bases I’ve been to in both countries. I think it is easier to get away with it out here because they have a captive military audience where no one is able to intercede or change it. It is perpetuated under the notion that if “if you aren’t Christian then you can’t honor the sacrifices of those who have died” or that “you need Christianity in order to be a fully healthy soldier.” I am not the only one who thinks this, but you and the MRFF do a better job of getting that message out to the folks back home.

I wanted to pass this along so you know that your work is appreciated and people do take notice when you and your organization step in.

-Anonymous Active Duty U.S. Armed Forces Member and MRFF Client

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  1. watchtower

    There really isn’t much that can be done in todays political environment. If anyone complains they are accused religious discrimination and claim they are not in violation of the first amendment because they are not congress and not attempting to pass a law. The other camps say don’t go, look, or buy at any of the places that display or sell religious/objectionable things if one is so offended.

    Vote at the polls or with your feet. Too many people go along to get along instead of righting wrongs to avoid confrontation. We are dangerously close to exactly what our founding fathers didn’t want, a theocracy and tyranny of the majority…damn the rest.

    On a side note…some points to ponder:

    Exodus 23:9
    “Do not oppress a foreign resident, since you yourselves know how it feels to be foreigners; for you were foreigners in the land of Egypt”.

    Leviticus 19:33 & 34
    “ ‘When a foreigner resides among you in your land, do not mistreat them. The foreigner residing among you must be treated as your native-born. Love them as yourself, for you were foreigners in Egypt. I am the Lord your God.

  2. Calif Anon

    Before you go pulling bible verses out of context to prove you point, maybe you should know what the Hebrew words for foreigner and stranger really mean. I would encourage you to click on these two websites below for a through study of the two Hebrew words.

  3. Grey One talks sass

    I learned recently that the Hebrew written language doesn’t include vowels. The person reading the message inserts what they consider to be the appropriate vowel based on the context. This means personal bias is easy to insert into a word.

    It does explain the arguments leading to the splitting of Fundamentalist churches.

    Side note – Calif Anon cherry picks Christian Bible verses all the time. I guess it’s ok because THEY are the ones doing it. (I wish this was sarcasm. You’ve no idea how much)

  4. Calif Anon

    Grey One,
    All Hebraic studies will say the same thing about the difference between foreigner and stranger.

  5. watchtower

    Well Calif Anon, to send someone for bible context to a bigoted preachers website that is anti gay, anti woman and anti catholic wasn’t a good idea. Its like getting advice from the white house…unbelievable BS.

    The other referenced website was just unintelligible BS.

    If you want to help, may I suggest you not use bigots and BS to make [YOU} points.

  6. Calif Anon

    Now that is funny saying that Ralph Drollinger is anti-woman when he has been married for years to his wife. He is not anti-woman. Regarding gays and Catholics, he is just being non PC as the Word of God is non PC. Homosexuality is indeed a horrible sexual sin and Catholocism is a man made religion based upon rules and regulations and false theology you will never find in the bible.

  7. watchtower

    Calif Anon, one can be married and anti-woman, in belief they are seen but not heard, barefoot and pregnant and subservient. Ralph is anti-women’s rights. He was flatly labeled misogynistic by the legislative women’s caucus. Its fitting that he is up in Washington with the rest of the men-bigots.

    All religion is man made, equally based upon unbelievable rules and regulations and theology you will find in the bible, written by uneducated and frightened men and inspired by other more educated men that want to control people.

    There are over 2 billion catholics is the world, and 1.8 billion Islam’s. Compared to 619 million Evangelicals, nothing seems like false theology to them.

  8. G

    CA, if God did not want Catholicism to exists, then why did he allow it to happen? Maybe it was God’s will, and you can’t go against God when he will it.

  9. Penina Scullion

    I have to laugh, a bunch of non-Jews, arguing over Ivrit
    That is Hebrew, for HEBREW.

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