Why always a little jew?

From: (name withheld)
Subject: Why always a little jew?
Date: June 22, 2018 at 5:29:46 PM MDT
To: Mikey Weinstein
Why is there always a fucking little jew behind every attack on good decent Christians like Rev. Robert Jeffress in Dallas?

Hope and pray you die of brain hemorrage tonight Mikey Weinstein.

Slow and painful for your sins against the blessed followers of Christ in our armed forces.

Same armed forces who liberated your uber-nosed jewcestors from the camps in Germany. 6 million (as if) was not enough.

What a waste of American Christian military time and effort. The jew is never grateful.

Once a fucking little jew always a fucking little jew.

Response from MRFF Advisory Board Member Mike Farrell
Soccer Mom? I tremble at the thought of what BIGD might suggest. But then I tremble

at the thought of a lot of things this message tells me.

The thought of the poor soccer-playing child or children who are condemned to being raised by a “mom” so stupid

she’s capable of openly admitting she harbors such disgusting antisemitic and anti-Christian filth in what passes for
her brain makes me want to weep for the poor kid (or kids) who have to grow up bearing the burden you lay on them.

The thought of your willingness to associate yourself (and likely your poor children) with the Jesus-mocking faux Christianity
of the hate-spewing Robert Jefress makes me want to regurgitate.

The thought that you would further cheapen yourself, if that’s possible, by suggesting that one of ugliest blots on the soul of
human history didn’t succeed in killing enough Jews to satisfy you makes me pity your poor, disease-ridden heart. I’m sure
God didn’t intend for such a remarkable organ to be so corrupted by seething, writhing, venomous reptiles.

Mikey will be fine tonight as he is a decent person. You, on the other hand, have live with yourself.

Pity the children.

Mike Farrell
(MRFF Board of Advisors

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  1. G

    To name withheld.

    You had Hindus, Jews, and Muslims fighting the Germans and the Japanese during World War II. Heck, you had Americans atheists and godless Communists fighting the Germans. Furthermore, you had Christians in the American government that had reports about what the Germans were doing to the Jews; however, they did not do a thing about it. You alos had the Christians at IBM helping the Germans using the IBM technology regarding the collecting and tabulating of the punch cards when they were rounding up the Jews and other enemies of the state.

  2. David Strohl

    Trying to rationalize the rankings of an anti-simitic bigot is like trying to read chicken entrails. Take my advice and don’t even try. “Blessed” followers of Christ? That’s funny. I think that given what I’ve read in the red ink portions of the New Testament, this “mental giant” wouldn’t be universally loved nor respected by the man. But what do I know, I’m another one of those “Little Jews” the OP decries. Don’t sweat it, Mikey.

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