10/24/18 – “Air Force Removes Baptism From Basic Training Graduation Requirements”

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  1. Ronald G. Cook

    When was this begun? I went through Air Force basic training in 1956 and this was not part of it.

  2. Steve Leary

    I went through in ’92 and it wasn’t a thing then either.

  3. I was with the last 3704 BMTS flight at Lackland. This was NOT a part of the training! Why would people make up these things? Oh and I was a Chapel Guide too. More crap to try and divide our country!

  4. Grey One talks sass

    Capt Obvious points out none of the commentators above me read the article for comprehension. Did they not see the Satire label or that the Duffelblog is the military’s Saturday Night Live?

    I guess not. It’s just another reason there is a divide in this country, amirite?

  5. Matt

    Poorly labeled satire, easily distributed by others as legitimate, is not a good thing.

  6. Brian Stuhr

    Poorly labelled?
    It’s all over the page…if one bothered to actually read it!

  7. r

    This was (is) a religious tactic that was (is) used to, “Instill” the notion, (a concept of or belief about something that is really, nothing)
    Our Military is based on, “Secular” inductees, enlistments or volunteers who by definition are not all religious indoctrinated people and should have shed that imaginary religious fairytale when they reached 8 or 9 years of age..?
    What we have now are, “Children in Adults” bodies who haven’t grown up yet and are still indoctrinated in their religious beliefs, and are using their position to force or otherwise indoctrinate those who could care less.
    This (Religious bullshit) finally needs to be put to rest and removed from our military so called mission statements and sent to churches of stupidity,, where they belong..
    so what or service members have to contend with is a military blind eye

  8. Grey One talks sass

    Either a person
    Is curious or they are
    Not someone I know

  9. Bickle

    The Air Force has been the epicenter of the takeover of our military by religious fundamentalists.

    They prey on kids away from home for the first time to instill their delusion, mental illness and fraud in the most vulnerable outside Great Lakes Naval Training they used to sit there waiting for the fresh meat to come out on a weekend pass, then haul them across state lines to their cult for “a BBQ”, 100+mi away and spend the weekend love bombing the kids. The commanding officer finally had to require anyone going more than 10mi under the rank of petty officer to get permission because the kids kept being brought back late, because he wasn’t going to win the legal battle to ban them from outside his base, or ordering no one go with them.

    It’s time we simply require all religions to prove they’re true, and that everything they claim is real. I’d they fail, all members are remanded to mental institutions and the clergy charged with fraud. All they have to do is put their god who is everywhere on the witness stand, how hard can it be?

  10. Grey One talks sass

    There is this silly thing called the First Ammendment Bickle.

    See, I believe if we humans would raise a generation of emotionally intelligent children who know of the predators without having to experience predation religions hold would finally be broken.

    Also – to prove that which cannot be seen in the here/now is to ignore the multiverse and dimensions suggested by the unification theory? Not sure of the name of the equation which takes off where Einstein’s stopped. Anyway, today’s magic is tomorrow’s science. And the First Ammendment gives me the right to think this way. It does not allow me to impose my will upon others. I honor this restriction. Others as you mentioned in your comment do not.

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