muslims get out!

From: (name withheld)

Subject: muslims get out!
Date: October 21, 2018 at 9:21:05 PM MDT


Mikey Weinstein

A friend of a friend shared your latest editorial temper tantrum on Facebook about targeting those poor misunderstood muslims.
Oh boo hoo for them rag heads.
Like its our fault that their suppose “religion” is so violent?

Why do you always take their sides? If you read their false koran you will see how evil islam is and all who practice it follow a devil religion.
Satan is the god of Islam and you can check it out.

Jesus Christ is the God of America and the universe. You can check that out too.

Nobody who follows satan’s islam should be allowed either in our military or in our country.
Only Trump has the guts and the brains to stop it.

You try to tear down America when you let muslim dogs be in our military. And when you let the faggots in and the trans trash too.

You’re suppose to be a jew? Now like that makes sense for once?
A jew like you fighting for muslims trying to replace our constitution with their sharia laws. Mikey you’re just a a goddamn leach of a kike.

You are the perfect example of The International Jew plotting globalism to Make America Muslim.
And you wonder why people of our Christian faith hate jewish like you? You are truly Judas reborn. And look what happened to him.

How long will you keep using the fake news holocaust as an excuse for your jews to be pitied?
Is your momma jew a muslim? Because it seems like you must have islam mixed in your jew blood somewhere.


(name withheld)

Response from MRFF Advisory Board Member Mike Farrell

On Oct 22, 2018, at 5:39 PM, Mike  wrote:

Hey (name withheld), if that is really your name and this isn’t a fake address.


See, I have to put in the qualifiers before responding because most of the ignorant, bigoted messages like this that come our way come from cowards who are too embarrassed to expose their ignorance and bigotry. If this is really you and you actually get this response, I’ll give you that you’re not embarrassed about your ignorance and bigotry, which isn’t exactly a compliment, but I guess it is something you can hold onto, like your KKK tatoos, for example.


So. “A friend of a friend shared” Mikey’s editorial. Should I assume he (I’m guessing it’s not a woman) understood it about as well as you did?


I must say I find these ugly expressions of fear-based ignorance dumbfounding. People like you who express such hostility without a basic understanding of the facts surrounding the issue you choose to address, who exhibit such a total lack of connection with, understanding of, or commitment to the religion they so brazenly proclaim, and who invariably do so with misspelled words and an inability to understand and use proper grammar, simply broadcast their stupidity to a degree that astounds me.


When I first read your email I expressed my frustration aloud, saying something like, “How can people like this be so incredibly, outlandishly asinine?”


My wife, who heard me and knows how frustrated I get at dealing with this nonsense, said, “Shit for brains!”


Now I know that’s not physically possible, James, but I think she has a point. Somehow, instead of using the good brain God provided you, you’ve decided to think out of your ass.


What has thinking out of your ass gotten you? It has gotten you to a place where you pretend to know what you’re talking about and then are boneheaded enough to say things that exhibit just the reverse.


It’s gotten you to a completely untenable place where you claim to be a Christian and espouse hatred and contempt for others that is so contrary to his teaching it makes Jesus weep. Yours is the kind of Christianity that hides behind robes and hoods and burns crosses. May I assume you cheered the Nazis in Charlottesville? Or were you one of them?


Your pathetic pretense of having read the Koran, worse your claim to having understood it, your open anti-Semitism, your homophobic and anti-trans-sexual bigotry all describe a person so locked up by his own inadequacy that he’s incapable of actual thought and has to look for leadership to a sick, delusional, self-oriented, racist, misogynistic demagogue. You poor, pitiful hick. It must be hard to be you.


I wish you enlightenment.


If you ever want to have a rational conversation and get some questions answered, the door is open.


Mike Farrell

(MRFF Board of Advisors)






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