MRFF’s Founder & President Mikey Weinstein Responds to U.S. Army, Fort Carson’s “Salacious Lies”

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Fort Carson is simply, shamefully and dishonestly falsely-reporting about this shocking incident of BLATANT Islamophobic bigotry perpetrated by one of its highest ranking NCO’s on the installation. Their mendacious and twisted “version” of what transpired is an absolutely repulsive exacerbation of an already horrific incident of racist anti-Muslim prejudice.

Fort Carson’s lies start at the very beginning of this disgraceful incident. Fort Carson is refusing to admit that the abusive female Command Sergeant Major (CSM) physically grabbed our MRFF client in public and yanked her away to further effectuate her “ordering” of our MRFF client to immediately and publicly take off her hijab. MRFF has an eyewitness to this horror. There is NO doubt that it happened. It is all just breathtakingly dishonest and disgusting. Further, our MRFF client is more than willing to submit to a polygraph test to validate her claims. MRFF wonders if the abusive CSM would likewise agree to such a polygraph test? MRFF will gladly pay for both lie detector procedures.

Unless this CSM, who wretchedly denigrated our MRFF client by ordering her to take off her hijab in public, enjoys the extraordinary powers of X-Ray vision, it would have been IMPOSSIBLE for this CSM to have even SEEN the hair of our MRFF client. Indeed, even if this CSM DID have X-Ray vision, our client’s hair was neatly tucked beneath her under-cap, completely in accord with Army appearance regulations. This under-cap is part and parcel of her prior Army-approved hijab garments. These hijab garments were fully approved for our MRFF client approximately 9 months ago by her current Brigade Commander.

These salacious lies from Fort Carson must NOT go unpunished. Our MRFF client has filed a formal EEO Complaint. That EEO Complaint MUST be resolved swiftly and in complete accordance with justice. If that does not happen, MRFF plans, among a number of other specific courses of action seeking remediation for our client and just punishment of the Army perpetrators, to file a full and aggressive complaint on behalf of our client with the United States Civil Rights Commission in Washington D.C.


Michael L. “Mikey” Weinstein, Esq.
Founder and President
Military Religious Freedom Foundation


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  1. Rael Nidess, M.D. March 12, 2019 at 6:54 pm

    It would appear that CSM Montoya’s learned well the major P.R. lesson that’s been operative in the U.S. military since I’ve been paying close attention (the illegal invasion & occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan); when confronted with uncomfortable accusations (no matter how well-founded & documented); Lie. This has been the operative mode for all accusations of civilian murders, mass casualties, etc., probably since Korea (where we justified strafing columns of obvious civilian refugees). After the initial flat-out denial (usually accompanied by blaming the victims for their own abuse i.e.; ‘her hair was not in compliance’ or ‘they weren’t a Loya Jirga, it was a terrorist commanders meeting’), then – little by little – grudging admissions, well short of a complete & truthful confession, are allowed, until – well after the press had lost interest – the major facts are admitted to but with the provisos “We admit no wrongdoings” & “We’d do it again” (which, naturally, they have in every theater in which America attempts to install ‘democracy’ at gunpoint).
    Happily, in this instance, there’s a bulldog advocate, Mikey & the MRFF, who’ll have Valdovinos’ back and who’ll be looking over Col. Zinn’s shoulder to insure that he lives up to his statement that:

    “I will ensure our unit continues our tradition of placing a high value on the rights of our Soldiers to observe the tenets of their respective religions or to observe no religion at all.”

    Clearly CSM Montoya has issues (Muslims, non-whites?) that, regardless of the outcome of this egregious assault on an individual’s dignity, must be addressed.

    (Cross-posted at CSIndy)

  2. Dwayne Free August 11, 2022 at 9:24 am

    All things MRFF uncovers has a basis in the Evangelical takeover of the Military. That can of worms was opened by Evangelicals insisting that they be allowed to display their “cross” when in uniform so all would know they were “Christians”. I put “Christians” in quotes, as not a single Evangelical is a Christian. They are Old Testament (OT) Gentiles who subscribe completely to Mosaic Law; the hate of the OT they love and Jesus asked them to turn away from if they were follow him. So, Evangelicals have completely rejected the teachings of Jesus and cannot still call themselves Christians. They are a Cult. The American Taliban wanting to force Mosaic Law on all Americans.

    The wearing of religious apparel in uniform was added to U.S. Code:

    10 U.S. Code § 774 – Religious apparel: wearing while in uniform
    (a) General Rule.—
    Except as provided under subsection (b), a member of the armed forces may wear an item of religious apparel while wearing the uniform of the member’s armed force.

    religious apparel
    (d) Religious Apparel Defined .— In this section, the term “religious apparel” means apparel the wearing of which is part of the observance of the religious faith practiced by the member.

    This “general rule” has destroyed the very meaning of “Uniform”.

    So, wearing a cross has nothing to do with what is supposed to be a strictly private affair and not required in uniform, even if in a religious observance.

    There is nothing in the Quran that a woman has to wear a Hijab, anytime, and the “Veil”, this term has been ascribed to, has zero religious significance; none. In fact, the Quran suggests that a woman dress like whatever customs are the norms of wherever she lives. An American Mulism woman should be as comfortable in jeans and no head covering as she should be in a military uniform with “uniform” head coverings specified by regulations. The Hijab is a manifestation of Islamic extremest, misogynist invention to keep women isolated and under full control of their husbands, nothing more. The Hijab is in Islamic Law, not the Quran. So, the Middle Eastern Taliban is very happy that their influence has reached right in the U.S. military.

    The result of the U.S. Code codification of introduction of religion into military service (and all other assaults on the Separation of Church and State), has not only destroyed the Uniform code of conduct and dress in the military, we now have a purely Sectarian War within the ranks of all Services.

    The Secretary of Defense must weed all of this back out of the Pentagon and end this “accommodation” of made up shit under the guise of “religious” beliefs or observances. Of course, maybe the SECDEF is just another one who follows Islamic or Mosaic Law, like the Commander of the Air Force Academy who just let two “vax deniers” graduate without any commitment back to taxpayers who paid for their education. Great example how “religion” can overrule a Direct Order under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ).

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