Fox News: Religious liberty group urges nationwide policy allowing Bibles on POW, MIA remembrance tables

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  1. Grey One talks sass

    And there it is

    “If enacted, First Liberty argued, the policy would effectively settle a series of lawsuits surrounding those displays and relieve the government of having to defend these types of challenges to individual facilities.

    “With the stroke of a pen, Secretary Wilkie can help put an end to senseless and wasteful lawsuits like the one in New Hampshire that the current policy allows,” First Liberty Institute’s Director of Military Affairs Mike Berry said.”

    With a stroke of the pen Secretary Wilkie can destroy the Constitution by endorsing one religion over all others. Sneaky First Liberty, very sneaky*.

    *sneaky – sly, crafty, underhanded, dishonest.

    Not exactly a lie so the Big 10 are intact and hey, the ends justify the means. Besides, Jesus never meant the rules to apply when talking to Heathens or Atheists, amirite? (Heavy snark)


    Much like the current regime’s new directives allowing companies & individuals to discriminate against anyone they feel like, in the name of personal religious belief!!
    What about the constitutional
    1st & 14th Amendments being enough to protect everyone from the tyranny of others??
    Sorry, that is just a piece of 225+ year old paper!!
    Means nothing in this modern digital age?!!? /s

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