7/31/19 – MRFF Victory!!! U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps Agree to MRFF’s Demand to Stop Use of Official Military Emblems on Overtly Christian Dog Tags

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  1. former fetus

    no God
    … til the lead is zippering by

    can i get an Amen?

  2. Grey One talks sass

    former fetus,

    The very tired trope of no Atheists in a foxhole has been debunked so many times. Please do try to retain past lessons. I know it’s hard, you just fully hatched and all but in reality, where we all are former fetuses, facts matter.

    Can I get a Ramen?

  3. Cody Conway

    You don’t speak for me, nor do you speak for a majority. Stop trying to push your non-religious attitude on everyone else. Get a life!

  4. Grey One talks sass

    Hi Cody of the “you don’t speak for me” mindset.

    A. All MRFF does is ensure laws (and more importantly when it comes to the military, Regulations) are followed.

    B. In case your comment was aimed my way, how am I forcing my beliefs into you?

    Seems to me that it’s the Christian Nationalists who are forcing their beliefs where they don’t belong. Care to address that issue?

  5. Larry Orr

    Stick your atheist view up your atheist ass

  6. Grey One talks sass


    I never said I am Atheist. MRFF certainly is not an Atheist organization.

    Your childish reaction let’s me know you are a Christian Nationalist. Way to expose yourself troll. Ewwww.

  7. An Old Soldier

    I am sick and tired of how your pathetic organization “demands” that the military do your bidding. That makes you a bunch of bullies.

  8. Grey One talks sass

    You know, Old Soldier, all Mikey and the MRFF asks anyone to do is Follow Regulations and The Constitution. How telling you find both activities to be distasteful.

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