10/3/19 – MRFF Honored to Announce New Board Member Brig. Gen., U.S. Army (Ret.) John Compere

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  1. WFZ

    Another loser and anti-God and Christian hater added to the board! Par for the course for Mikey since he is the ultimate anti-God and anti-Christian bigot.

  2. Grey One talks sass

    Projection is strong with WFZ (who has the exact same icon as BRP, another three letter commentator who likes to spread Christian Nationalist propaganda, but I’m not saying they are the same because that would be irresponsible – grins).

    This post confused me at first but only because I thought John Compere, he of the many titles and letters, was already on the board. From what I can glean Mr Compere served on the Advisory Board, now he’s a real life Board Member. I’m sad for the way the opening on the Board occurred (advancement by death is never an easy transition) but happy the vacancy is filled with an exemplary candidate.

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