Pompeo Speech to For-Profit, Political American Association of Christian Counselors Draws Criticism

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  1. WFZ

    Who cares whether the AACC is either for-profit or non-profit, that is a mute point, and the AACC is not a political organization. The only criticism is coming from Mikey and the Times of Israel reported incorrectly that this AACC Conference was a State Dept event.

    Mikey needs to go pound some sausage.

  2. G

    WFZ, Pompeo’s speech is still on the Department of State website which a violation of state and religions separation.

  3. Grey One talks sass

    WFZ is one of ‘those’ people.

    As long as a violator of the law is saying what they want to hear, the law is flexible. If the reverse is true, meaning WFZ doesn’t agree with the message then punishments must happen now, forget due process.

    I’m guessing that many people who read this site have ‘those’ people in their life too.

    I’ve given the subject a lot of thought because many of my relatives are ‘those’ people. It’s enough to keep a body up at night. If those people were children the solution would be easy. Because they are adults…

    Every solution I’ve played with devolves into my becoming a dictator who locks people up for their own good. History recognizes the good motives but takes off points for the whole abuse of Civil Rights.

    I’m an Old and most of my generation are stuck in the amber of yesterday. I’m hoping younger generations will have a solution for those in power who are protected by the law but not bound by it.

    Equal rights means equal.

  4. WFZ

    So is his speech at the CUFI Conference and the AIPAC policy conference, and his speech at the Vatican and his speech at the Jewish national security awards program, but Mikey does not find anything wrong with those speeches!

    All those speeches are not on the first page, you have to hunt and find where all his archived speeches are.

  5. G

    WFZ, those speeches probably contain things that didn’t violate the separation of church and state, so you need to take it up with Weinstein.

  6. Grey One talks sass

    G – I believe none of the speeches listed were posted on the State Dept website.

    I’ve asked WFZ hard questions so now they ignore me? I thought they had the answers for anything.

  7. G

    Grey One talk sass

    The way WFZ frame her answer, it sounded like those speeches were posted on the State Dept. website. Just shows you that people like WFZ can’t give a clear, logical answer to you and me.

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