VIDEO (16:43) – “Halt!” SHOCKING: Gov’t-Paid Missionaries in the US Military

Segments: Government-Paid Missionaries / Pence / Manchester Bible / Mikey Segment / Betty Bowers Parody Video About Bonnie’s Latest Book, “When Christians Break Bad…”

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  1. BioLib

    Chaplain Sonny Hernandez is so awesome! By the way, his title is outdated on the video, it is now Chaplain Major Sonny Hernandez, not Captain.

  2. G

    Something is definitely wrong with the military when they promote a person like Hernandez instead of court-martialing him and throwing him out of the service.

  3. Kenneth Williams

    I totally agree with you. Well done.

  4. Kenneth Williams

    In some ways it isn’t too surprising that the fight to uphold the separation of church and state continues. In the mid-eighties, when I was stationed aboard my first ship, I had to repeatedly remove a Bible from the shelf where the Naval Warfare Publications where stored. The shipmate that placed it on the shelf ended up being disciplined after the third time.
    My argument to my superiors was that, we had shipmates of other religions, what if all of them wanted their religious text represented on the ‘NWP’ shelf in the Combat Information Center. I didn’t sign onto a Religious Crusade, I took the oath in order to promote freedom of choice and eliminate oppression.

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