12/4/19 – Army Times Covers MRFF on Homepage

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  1. rick

    It’s, still amazing to me at the length religion will >InfiltrateNeed< guidance (from their imaginary friend) in order to function??
    This is total bullshit and someone is asleep at the wheel by letting this get past Secular Military codes..

  2. WFZ337

    Well Rick, you will burn to death for eternity in an unimaginary hell. Think on that

  3. Grey One talks sass


    You said someone was asleep at the wheel to get the replica dog tags approved. From what I read the company relied on the old axiom “it’s better to ask for forgiveness than seek approval”. Christian Nationalist privilege took care of the rest.

    Side note – I am watching how a theocracy takes hold in real time. Rule of Law means nothing to Christian Nationalists. Neither do facts. For them it’s all about the feels as in if I feel persecuted then it’s real even if the persecution is all in their head. Dangerous times.

  4. Grey One talks sass


    Do you have any evidence to back your threat? You don’t know rick, don’t know what kind of life they lead or anything for that matter. Yet you felt compelled to issue your threat.

    Are you 100% confident that is what Jesus would do? I ask because I’ve read the mans words and your actions don’t match His intent.

  5. Leigh Williams

    Rick is one of the horde of apostates who are currently being led astray by the unchristian abomination that is the Evangelical portion of the Right Wing.

    As you can see, they revel in the notion that those they believe to be their political enemies will be burned forever by the figure they erroneously believe to be Jesus Christ.

    In this they are mistaken. Republican Jesus is not Jesus of Nazareth, and they are not Christians. They drag the Holy Name through the mud.

  6. Leigh Williams

    Drat, not Rick, the WFC337 character. Sorry, Rick.

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