Group criticizes blessing of ‘official Bible’ for Space Force

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  1. Eric Greenblatt

    This article is exactly why you have zero credibility with rational clear headed American Citizens. I served this nation for 29 years in uniform around the globe. I also initiated High Holiday Services….. in Kuwait. With the approval of both the US Embassy and Host Government. Of the several times I have been sworn into a position it was “my” choice of which Bible or prayer book I decided to use…. or no book…… why would you be so obtuse and ignorant as to this practice? By blowing your wad on idiocy like this on an accepted practice that impinges on no one….. you’ve shot you’re load on a non issue….. so when “real” issues arise….. they are gonna get lost in the weeds….

    This is why I consider you, Mikey, a fraud. So let your minions send out the paperwork….

  2. G

    Greenblatt, where is your proof that Weinstein is a fraud. You have not learned anything after 29 years in uniform.

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