H.R. 5657 To direct the Secretary of Defense to revise and update the Department of Defense regulations to allow trademarks owned or controlled by the Department of Defense to be combined with religious insignia on commercial identification tags

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  1. Infidel for Jesus

    Awesome! It will pass and there is nothing Mikey can do about it.

  2. Sharon Furlong

    This is an abrogation of the separation of Church and State. In other words, it is unconstitutional. Keep fighting for all of us.


    Who intoduced this bill & are co-sponsors of it??
    Go MRFF!!

  4. Grey One talks sass

    Representative W. Gregory Steube, a Republican from Florida sponsored the bull. Oops. I mean bill (or do I?)

    Well, FL just instituted a poll tax (unconstitutional) on a set of people (Excons) who won their right to vote at the last election so what’s a little blurring of separation of church and state in comparison?

    Of course this is the kind of fluff n stuff our current administration lives for so yeah, IfJ may be correct, as hard as that is for me to admit. The bill is not correct and totally violates the foundational rules which form our government and country but hey – can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs. /s

  5. Tom O

    A law whose ONLY purpose is to allow government endorsement of religion is not likely to pass congress, and certain to be found blatantly unconstitutional the first time it’s challenged in court. That’s why the existing regulations against such government endorsement of religion were written.

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