2/10/20 – MRFF VICTORY!!! Air Force Commander’s Name Removed From Prayer Breakfast Invitation In Swift Response To MRFF’s Demand

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  1. rick

    Well done, MRFF
    Now send this to all armed forces colonels so they too will keep their personal religious imaginary friends to themselves,, and out of governmental secular business.

  2. Zanios James (Jim)

    Why do Christians allow anyone else to practice their beliefs and atheists condemn Christian faith?
    Taking God out of any walk of life is sure condemnation of your society!

  3. Patricia Jones Harris

    Disagree. Christians condemn anyone who is not Christian. I have been told many times by Baptist’s if I haven’t been saved and accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior I am damned to Hell. You just did it yourself by stating that taking God out of any walk of life is sure condemnation of your society. That doesn’t sound like allowing anyone else to practice their beliefs without being condemned. Sounds more like hypocrisy to me.

  4. Don

    Our US history has shown that we are a nation “under God.” It has also shown that when we have removed God from our national institutions…the Military, the Government, and especially the schools, we have slowly slid into a nation of degenerate behavior. We need to keep God in everything we do. If you don’t believe in God, then that’s your decision, as Freedom to choose your religion is one of the greatest things about the US. Christians have been to quick to tolerate and allow the persecutions of their belief. Christians have stopped being the silent majority now because they see the future and it won’t be a great and positive future without God.

  5. Kjack

    That’s not “US history.” At all.

  6. Grey One talks sass

    And here come the poor TWUE Christians who believe in their soul that sharing is equal to persecution.

    Perhaps is they were more concerned about their priest class which promotes “do as I say and not as I do” We The People would take them seriously.

    Hahahahaaa. Yeah, right.

    That’s what I call a sure bet because every priest class (aka Reverend, Preacher, Minister, or Father) I’ve ever studied in history was more concerned with power than teaching morality.

    Here’s my idea of how to solve what stands before us:
    The Constitution and Bill of Rights are a good place to start in producing a society based on the ethical treatment of citizens as long as the religious folk keep their grubby paws to themselves.

    That’s it. And cue the Christian Nationalist crying in 3, 2, 1…..

  7. Grey One talks sass

    In the spirit of fairness, I must acknowledge the contributions several people have made to my life who exist within the Priest Class.

    They are the exception not the rule though.

    At one point I thought about joining the Priest Class because of their exemplary commitment to doing the correct thing. And then I met the rest of the Class.

    Thank you, no.

  8. Linda

    While I am a Christian, I must tell you accepting God or not is your choice. God doesn’t knock doors down he said knock. Remind those so called Christians about not being judgmental

  9. Ruth Ayres

    Well said. Thank you.

  10. Christian Mann

    Mickey Weinstein,
    Isn’t he the one they caught at the Academy pagan alter mutilating a cat to offer to Lucifer?

  11. Travis

    A Christian is supposed to be a follower of Jesus Christ, who taught to love, serve and forgive one another. I believe in accepting each other individually regardless of where we may be on our individual path in this life. We will all return to our maker. I consider myself a Christian.

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