3/13/20 – Defiantly Opposing MRFF’s Victory, Bill is Introduced in Congress by Eight Republican Lawmakers!

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  1. Gaz

    I’m sure nobody would mind a purely Pagan or Jewish logo then, right? How about the Satanic Temple? If it’s ok for one religion, it has to be ok for ALL religions.

    I still say there’s no room for religious symbols mixed with official seals/logos of the Armed Forces, but I’m just one Constitutionalist among a sea of political talking heads

  2. SARSU

    So funny, Mikey is so bent out shape as though is all that and a bag of chips which he is not or MRFF. Mikey is nothing but a bag of pig poop.

  3. Grey One talks sass

    SARSU, who claims moral superiority, has nothing of value to add except insults with feces. How simian of them.

  4. Grey One talks sass

    Gaz, if the Satanists get involved I’m sure the proposed bill will be withdrawn. I believe a corollary exists in the internets already.

    Writing legislation to allow only Christian symbols is easy to knock down as We The People have at least a century of established law on our side. That doesn’t stop our home grown Christian Nationalists from trying though.

    Vote the bums (Christian Nationalists) out this November. As greater minds than mine have said – we aren’t voting for our perfect candidate but someone who will get our nation closest to our eventual destination (equality means nothing if everyone does not share the same rights).

    Oh, and as an old, remember to wash your hands. 🙂

  5. SARSU

    Trump will not be voted out. Just look at his possible competition, Biden who is going senile and probably has onset Alzheimer’s, forgets what city he is in, forgets who his wife is in, yells at his supporters. Then you have Bernie, an anti-Semitic Kapo Jew, whose district manager is anti-Semitic,and then he has the Jihad Squad Islamic Muslim Brotherhood supported, Omar who committed incest with her brother, divorced him and her other husband, and is now married to her campaign manager. Omar is nothing but a two bit Muslim slut. Then there the other anti-Semite Linda Sarsour who has called for jihad against Trump, and said that she would like to rip the vagina’s out of Brigitte Gabriel and fellow Muslim Hirsi. If this is the best the Democrats can over, their party will lose for years to come.

  6. Grey One talks sass

    *When a person tells you who they are, believe them.*

    Thank you SARSU for displaying exactly who and what you are – a fossil who chooses to believe every conspiracy theory over accurate facts.

    Yutes of today do not be like SARSU!

  7. SARSU

    Grey One,
    What I stated are no conspiracy theories, there are videos of Linda Sarsour saying the exact things I posted. Bernie Sanders is a antisemitic Jew who has antisemites working and supporting his campaign, like Ilhan Omar and Linda Sarsour who belong to the Muslim Brotherhood and are financially supported by them. The MB is a Islamic terrorist organization with proven ties to Hamas and give to them financially. Do your research and open your blind eyes for once and stop being a dumb zombie. Democrats have no chance of winning for years to come. The Democrat party is nothing but a bunch of antisemites, God haters, anti-military, anti-gun, gay lovers, people who have no idea what sex they are when they just have to look down their pants to see what sex they are. Israel haters, baby killers, pussy lovers and men haters, all of which will wind up in hell if they do not repent.

  8. Grey One talks sass

    It is my sincerely held belief that the matter absorbed by a black hole is expelled from the rear end of a dog. – Sir Lefty Wigglebutt Longtail

  9. G

    SARSU, you look at Trump’s mental state with the way he speaks. The Republicans are nothing but a bunch of anti-labor, anti-military, are baby killers when you look at how they fight against affordable/free medicine and education, eliminate regulations that gives us clean air, clean water, clean land. In addition, the Republicans are God-haters since they don’t practice Christianity both at home and aboard, and are anti-women and anti-men with the way they have treated both women and men. You got any proof that the Democrat party will end up in hell if they do not repent? Seems to me that it is the Republicans who need to repent. We got more important issues to deal with instead of wasting our time on allowing companies to use military logos on religious jewelry. People like you got your priorities all screw up.

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