Letter of Praise

From: Active Duty U.S. Army Soldier’s E-Mail Address Withheld

Subject: Letter of Praise
Date: March 30, 2020 at 4:23:55 PM MDT


Hi Mr.Mikey,

This is (name withheld) currently serving in Armed Forces (Regular Army) stationed here in (military installation location withheld).
I appreciate everything you do to stand against some of the Anti Constitutional Indoctrination which is pushed on by some of the Fundamental Religious Zealots within the Defense Organization as well as Outside Influences.Thank you for that.
And also I just wanted confirm this is not a letter for help but indeed a letter of appreciation.But will try to spread the word to any Individuals who might need help regarding battling adverse religiosity that might be a harmful influence on them.
(Active Duty U.S. Army Soldier’s name withheld)

Response from MRFF Supporter

Dear Active U.S. Army Souldier,

    As a volunteer for MRRF, reading your thoughts sent to Mikey, lifted my spirit, not just for me, but I know how that was received in deep appreciated by him.
 I am a fortunate person to be able to call Mikey, Bonnie and the Foundation members, stellar friends.
  Mikey, has been one of the most focused individuals, dedicated and generous of his time, more than anyone I have ever encountered, and comforted in knowing that we are friends
  Be well, and thank you.
    P e a c e,

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  1. SARSU

    Letter of praise for an anti-Christian bigot!

  2. Grey One talks sass

    SARSU – exactly how is requiring individuals in our military to follow rules and regulations considered anti anything? (Narrator: it’s not but SARSU loves their persecution pron).

    Is it the MRFF’s fault Christian Nationalists don’t follow the rules?

    Is it MRFF’s fault out of millions of people who practice Christianity the only ones deemed ‘real’ are Christian Nationalists like yourself; that all the rest aren’t considered true or real Christians? (Narrator: this is a surprise to millions of awesome Christians in the military who know they are real people).

    Exactly who is the bigot in this scenario? (Narrator: it’s not the MRFF. Looking at you SARSU). If Christian Nationalists were the force for good they claim to be they wouldn’t advocate for privilege for themselves and oppression for the rest of us.

    Added note: SARSU, read all of your holy book. The last link you provided for me only proved they read the book and you parroted their interpretation. Sloppy kid. Very sloppy.

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