5/23/20 – MRFF VICTORY!!! MRFF Swiftly Gets Chaplain’s Biblical Sex Dare Post Removed from Command Facebook Page

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  1. Infidel

    What is wrong with encouraging spouses with having encouraging satisfying sex with each other, except for homos.

  2. Grey One talks sass


    I would try to explain what is wrong with the posting of Christian propaganda on a Garrisons main Facebook page but you can’t understand; it’s in your best interest to play the fool.

    In my opinion the “Love” post pushed historically inaccurate advice about sex as there was no mention of communication or consent. But that’s not why I would have wanted the post removed.

    Again a Chaplain posts their Christianist agenda to the main community page for the Garrison. In amongst the COVID-19 and deployment updates I see a post of sex advice as a turd in the punch bowl.

    Infidel, again with slamming our LGBTQA brothers and sisters. Jesus accepted our community so who are you to deny what you call your Lord and Savior?

    *Before infidel breaks a vessel – I suspect Paul of being homophobic and the rules in Leviticus (OT) are specific but if one ranks them according to what is the most horrible to the least, homosexuality is at the bottom of the list. In other words address ones own bacon shellfish eating habits and wearing of mixed fabrics before attacking another for whom they love.

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