Attacking a Military veteran and police officer over a Scout Sniper Tattoo is sinking to the Lowest of Lows. This Marine earned this place as a Scout Sniper and his tattoo clearly isn’t about white supremacy. Try hard not to offend, try harder not to be offended. MILITARY Religious Freedom Foundation my ass. Good Day Sir.


Response from MRFF Board Member John Compere

On Jul 11, 2020, at 8:19 AM, John Compere  wrote:

For your information, the Nazi “Schutzstaffel” or “SS” double lightening bolt was the official military insignia of the most violent terror agency of psychopath Hitler & his evil Third Reich. These Nazi “SS” henchman enforced heinous Aryan WHITE SUPREMACY, ran horrendous human extermination camps & committed gruesome genocide of at least 6 million innocent children, women & men. Today, it is a rallying sign for neo-Nazi WHITE SUPREMACISTS in the USA whose stated purpose is to kill all American Jews. It was & remains abhorrent, anti-Semitic, anti-American & symbolic of horrible hatred & hideous holocaust.
These are just a few of the reasons why the US Marine Corps publicly denounced & permanently banned the Nazi “SS” symbol. It has no place in an American police force whose purpose is to protect the public not promote Nazi symbolism & provoke fear. No rational & patriotic American should be surprised this sordid Nazi symbol offended & frightened families (including veterans,  Christians, et al) in Walla Walla, Washington. That is the reason they complained, protested & sought the support of the non-profit civil rights organization responsible for its previous banning by the Marines.
Your absurd & asinine attack over something about which you possess little or no knowledge only reflects upon yourself.
Brigadier General John Compere, US Army (Retired)
Disabled American Veteran (Vietnam Era)
Board Member, Military Religious Freedom Foundation



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  1. Allan Baumann

    Once again tattoos fall under the first amendment of free speech and he has no obligation to altar or change his tattoo even if he is threatened with a federal lawsuit, which any constitutional judge would throw out in a heart beat. Nor does he have to show Mikey how he changed it, another violation of his first amendment and civil rights.
    Mikey is just being a dumb ass OberKapo and if I were officer Small, I would counter sue Mikey and MRFF for violation of my first amendment rights.

  2. G

    Baumann, the guy had no choice. If he didn’t know anything about the SS, he knows it now considering the fact that he should have known something about it with all the plethora of TV shows, films, books, and magazines about the SS.

  3. Huwie Mungus

    Mrff are the brown shirts of the very nazi organization they claim to despise. What utter hypocrisy from this “inclusive” organization of screeching lunatics that have nothing better to do than “ban together and fight white supremacy!” Clowns..

  4. G

    Where is your proof that MRFF is the brown shirts, Mungus?

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