Cruz accuses Pentagon of ‘culture of hostility towards religion’ after Christian Air Force vet’s talk canceled

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  1. Robert Edborg

    Folks at MRFF,
    I’ve followed MRFF for years. The importance of your battle for protections of military religious freedom are crucial. Cruz and his idiot cohort Gohmert, are true products of the ethos of white superiority and racism and are key proponents of Dominion theology: Dominionism. ( and (

  2. Allan Baumann

    Dear Robert,
    Cruz and Gohmert are more intelligent than you are and where does this white superiority and racism is from? Cruz is Hispanic dude so please tell me how he is racist? I have never heard or seen any comments from either man that allude to racism or white superiority. If they are racist just because they are white, then Mikey is a white Jewish racist then.
    Take a red pill and gain some intelligence and get out of your parents basement.

  3. G

    Baumann, racism cuts across all racial and ethnic lines. Guys like Cruz practice racism not only within their own groups but also outside their groups.

    There was an episode on the TV show Rescue Me where the firemen had to attend a class about racism and watch a film. After showing the film, the firemen hate the film and each one of them talked about not only dealing with racism outside their group but also within their group.

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