Little Christian Witch Bitch


From: (Active Duty Enlisted MRFF Client’s E-Mail Address Withheld)

Subject: Little Christian Witch Bitch
Date: August 13, 2020 at 8:40:40 AM MDT


To Mr. M. Weinstein and the Staff of the MRFF:

I am a (military rank withheld) in the US (military branch name withheld) stationed at (military installation name withheld).
I have been in the (military branch withheld) for (number of months & years withheld).

Not that long ago a bad thing happened. My (military superior’s rank and title withheld) who I work for directly made derogatory comments about my (Christian denomination name withheld) faith at a (military unit name withheld) All Hands Call.

I keep my personal faith which is central in me and my wife’s life in Christ very private and my (military superior’s rank and title withheld) had no right to jack me up in front of the whole (military unit name withheld).
He made fun of me and my faith in Christ.

He called me a Little Christian Witch Bitch. I still have no idea why he decided to do this to me in front of everyone?

I was very shocked and embarrassed. I was hurt bad. And didn’t know what to do as that was my boss who said it all. And he’s supposedly Christian himself.

After me and my wife being very upset about this I contacted my unit’s EO NCO. He told me of the MRFF. He had been a client of the MRFF himself he said. And he is as strong about being a atheist as I am about being Christian. He promised me that the MRFF would help me and my wife no matter our Christianity just like they helped him years ago.

He got me in touch with the MRFF’s (name, rank and title of local military installation MRFF Representative withheld).
And we met and had a good talk.

Then (local military installation MRFF Representative’s name and rank withheld) called Mr. Weinstein about this.
I was informed that Mr. Weinstein would be calling me which he did only about half a hour later even though it was now late in the evening.
Mr. Weinstein explained my rights to me and my wife and that what had happened to me was wrong. He was patient and kind.

He asked me and my wife if it was ok for him to call my chain of command and we were happy to agree to this. My wife encouraged me to say yes to this..

Me and my wife were anxious about how all of this might play out.

Just a few days later another All Hands Call was held. And our Commander (name, rank and title withheld) called out my boss in front of all of us for what he said about me being a Little Christian Witch Bitch. And he also said stuff like that would never be tolerated in his (military unit’s name withheld).

And now it was my boss who looked like a scared little (profanity word beginning with “b” withheld). He then apologized to me and to everyone at the All Hands Call.

My wife and me are so thankful to my (unit’s name withheld) EO NCO and (name, rank and title of local military installation MRFF Representative withheld). But we are especially thankful to the whole MRFF outfit and Mr. Weinstein for telling us our rights and contacting my chain to get this fixed. And it did get fixed and fast. I don’t know what they did to my boss but he got moved out of his position not too long after all off this went down. I’ve not seen him since.

I’m sorry I didn’t write in sooner to thank you all. I do not write so good so my wife writes better and she helped me with this one. Plus we were worried about some people who might be mad that we called in the MRFF to fix this. But we are so glad we did!

Thank you to all of you at the Military Religious Freedom Foundation for your amazing Works!
And may the Lord bless you all for the Grace of the Works you do at the MRFF. James 2:14-17.

(Active Duty Enlisted MRFF Client’s name, rank, branch, AFSC/MOS, unit, installation and location all withheld)

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1 Comment

  1. Tom O

    After 3 days, no comment yet from the people who regularly denounce MRFF as an “atheist organization trying to drive Christianity out of the US military.” At first I expected them to claim this email is phony, but then realized that people with their kind of mentality tend to block out of their consciousness any external info that conflicts with their beliefs.

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