Simplistic views won’t work in complex world

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  1. Allan Baumann

    Red blooded Americans have no problem with immigrants, what we have a problem with is illegal immigrants who have entered our country illegally and don’t belong here, nor are they entitled to those things that should only go to natural born citizens or naturalized citizens. All those illegal immigrants need to be deported immediately.
    Black Lives Matter organization is plain and simple a Marxist organization whose mandate on their website says they are out to destroy the nuclear family, defund police(which is purely against scripture) and they are antisemitic as well. In all reality All Lives Matter not just blacks. Black Lives Matter simply means only black lives matter and no other lives matter. Also, the Jewish people have suffered the greatest mistreatment for the last 4,000 years and were the very first slaves by the Egyptians. There is also no greater persecution of a people group than the Jewish people and constantly attacked today by blacks and by Muslims.
    Systemic racism is a hoax, but there is systemic antisemitism. If Black Lives Matter really cares about black people, then why are they not burning down every Planned Parenthood abortion clinic where millions of black babies are murdered. Why are they not in Chicago marching against the day to day murder committed by blacks toward other black people? This demand for reparations black are demanding, well they can take that and shove it their proverbial arse. Nobody today have every been slave owners . In fact, one of the very first slave owners in the south was a black person. Blacks are still slaves today by Muslims in Africa, how come they are not talking about that?

  2. Grey One Talks Sass

    Wow. How “don’t confuse me with facts because I already know my own mind” of you Allan.

    You are wrong but ok, you do you.

  3. G

    Baumann, you need to talk to business leaders like Trump who hired illegal immigrants and then business leaders like Trump prevent the government from enforcing immigrant and labor laws when it comes to hiring illegal immigrants.

    Hey Baumann, why not have repatriations for labor unions and the workers as well?

    Where does it days on the BLM website that they are a Marxist organization? Where does it say in the Bible that defunding the police is in the scriptures? As a matter of fact, the word “police” didn’t exist until the 19th century.

    Systematic racism doesn’t exist? I guess you never heard of relining minority communities, Jim Crow laws, Sundown laws, poll tax, and the phrase “last to be hired, first to be fired”

  4. G

    Baumann, if Christians really care then why do many of them don’t pay their workers a decent wage, good benefits, and a great retirement pension? How come many Christian fight against unions, don’t want labor laws, environmental laws, and health and safety laws? How come they don’t want to pay taxes; yet, they demand and get tax breaks, subsidies for their companies and other government services? Why don’t they support vacation and sick leave for their workers? Why do they complain about the schools not educating the kids; yet, they don’t want an educated workforce that questions the current political, social, and economic status quo in the USA?

    We still have forms of slavery by various means in this country so don’t believe that just because the American Civil War ended slavery, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist in this country. You have politicians and CEOs that want to get rid of child labor laws in this country.

  5. Grey One Talks Sass

    Allan is not the first to present the following fallacies:

    “If Black Lives Matter really cares about black people, then why are they not burning down every Planned Parenthood abortion clinic where millions of black babies are murdered. Why are they not in Chicago marching against the day to day murder committed by blacks toward other black

    Planned Parenthood for all those who love the institution is so much more than a place to get an abortion. They provide well woman checks, cancer screenings, access to birth control… Plenty of data out in the world about this but Allans mind has one track and they are holding on to it for dear life.

    PP’s focus is Every Child is Wanted which means yes there are abortions performed because a girl child should never have to give birth to her brother/father/uncles child ever again. Because no female should ever be forced to carry her rapists child knowing that rapist can demand visitation rights in many states. These and so many more reasons are why I support abortion services. Also – there is nothing in the Christian Bible against abortion. There is even a how-to recipe in case Allan decides to read his holy book. Add in all the woman’s health care PP excels at and yeah, the patriarchy wants PP gone.

    Next – Chicago. Sigh. This is an intersectional challenge with no easy answers.

    About Allan’s statement, protesting bad behavior by those in authority is not the same as citizen on citizen violence. For Allan and every other patriarchal white mouthpiece to claim so is disingenuous. Bad equation Allan, no biscuit for you.

    Next – what I learned when I was homeless is logic is a luxury when you don’t know where or when your next meal will happen. When you don’t have a place to put your toothbrush or even have a toothbrush ones mind sinks to survival mode. Violence is always an answer. It’s you or them. Self medicating to alleviate the pain brings a whole new level of complexity. Mental Health issues stretch the equation multi-dimensionally.

    The only common denominator in all of this is a lack of compassion, understanding, and most of all empathy by those in power.

    -The compassion to know there but the turn of fate go I
    -The understanding that sometimes a person can do everything correct but still end up on the street
    -The empathy to want to do something different so We The People stop making the same stinking mistakes.

    Punishments don’t work. If they did we’d not be facing the exact same issues we’ve faced for the past fifty years. It’s time to try something new.

    My vote is for universal basic income, a jobs program to repair and maintain our infrastructure, with physical and mental health care for all (until no child is EVER abused again mental health should be mandatory IMHO).

    How to pay? Oh honeys. We The People need to audit everything. We don’t know what we have (looking at you Military Industrial Complex – seriously how do you lose cargo containers of cash?). And once we know the surpluses and gaps in our national inventory development of fair taxation is possible to address the nations needs.

    Easy peasy.

    Bwahahahahaaaaa. Nothing I suggested is ‘easy’ but nothing worthwhile is.

  6. Grey One Talks Sass

    G – because one of the founders of BLM said they were a Marxist which immediately meant the whole organization was too. Such logic boggles my mind.

    I am reminded of the Christian Golden Rule – Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

    So to me that means Christians who oppress others truthfully want to be oppressed themselves. No wonder Allans pantaloons are in a bunch.

  7. G

    Grey One Talks Sass. Well, I read the Bible and the Communist Manifesto, does that make me both a Christian and an atheist Communist? I like to see Baumann tried to answer that question.

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