MRFF Op-Ed: Air Force Green Lights Christian Jewelry Company’s Proselytizing in Military Base Exchanges

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  1. Stryper777

    Praise God. I will have to buy one for my nephew who is in the Air Force.

  2. Paula

    Dearest “Stryper777”– “Bless your heart….”

  3. G

    The Air Force has really gone to hell and doing the devil’s work.

  4. Ironmoped

    You do know that it’s Christians that have this fetish for war right?
    So, be sure to tell your nephew that it will be Christian politicians and religious leaders that start the next one!
    When your nephew is deployed to Iran in support of sustainment operations at Doshan Tappeh in Southeast Tehran, or Mehrabad, be sure to let him know it was a Christian cause that got him there!

  5. G

    Also be sure to tell your nephew that if he has complete faith in God, then he doesn’t need a firearm to protect him nor worry about getting PTSD as well due to his faith in God.

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