Are you celebrating ?

you must be celebrating the removal of the headstones of two heroes of Wehrmacht POW’s in San Antonio, Tx. cemetery you always wanted to go. Today, according to CNN the cemetery removed the original headstones of Wehrmacht soldiers, Pvt. Georg Forst and Pvt. Alfred P. Kafka and replaced with another, “neutral” headstones. The original Iron cross with Swastikas were a awesome to look at. Now, if only they get rid of all the jew stars of david that would be just great. You are a damn, verfluchte Jude and you can go to hell you dirty, old, ugly  bag !!!
(name withheld)

“verfluchte” is German for “accursed”…..the “88” is white supremacist signage for “Heil Hitler”….

Response from MRFF Supporter Steve Dundas

On Dec 25, 2020, at 11:15 PM, Steven Dundas wrote:

Dear (name withheld),

For a 71 year old school Neo-Nazi and anti-Semite you are not very smart. You see, the young Neo-Nazis are smart enough not to use their actual email addresses and names. It is hard to find them, but you are 71 years old, you currently live in Cottage Grove, Oregon, though you have lived in Eugene. Your wife is Susan. In 2019 you wrote your local paper to complain about the rise in their subscription rates. You are a Union Electrician, and your ancestry is Czech. It is amazing what one can find in a Google search of someone with a fairly uncommon name, and there is more but I digress…

Let me introduce myself. My name is Steve Dundas. I am an associate of Mr. Weinstein and a recently retired Navy Chaplain who served almost 40 years in the Army and Navy, not all as a Chaplain. Feel free to look me up as I have nothing to hide. In fact I had my life threatened by a Neo-Nazi back in 2010, figured out who he was and since he was from another state reported him to the FBI. His internet presence which was formidable disappeared in less than a week and has not reappeared. I don’t take the threat of Nazis lightly. My ancestors fought them in the Second World War and I fight them now.

I have served in Germany several times beginning in the 1980s and I still have exceptional relationships with the German military personnel that I have served alongside since 1984. In fact you could call me a Germanphile. The interesting thing is that they all hate the Nazis and despise the Swastika. In fact one cannot go to a military cemetery in Germany or one of the nations its soldiers are buried in and find a Swastika because the Germans take it serious enough to outlaw it. They don’t honor the Nazi criminals or supporters, but they do honor their victims and those that resisted the Nazis.

My question is why removing the Swastika and references to Hitler from tombstones in an American Veteran Cemeteries would cause you to go into an angry Nazi rage is puzzling to me.

Since your ancestry is Czech, and probably not a Sudetenland German that lost their home because of their leaders support for the Nazis and losing their homes after the war this is indeed puzzling. Zajic is a Czech and not a German name, though it is possible that the maternal side was German.  So I expect that your family came to the United States before the Nazis and World War II. Now I could be wrong but I could hardly expect that a descendant of parents who survived the Nazi occupation and emigrated to the United States in the face of the Communist overthrow of the country would be such a devoted Nazi. So your parents or maybe grandparents came to the United States before the Nazi occupation.

You see I also happen to be a bonafide historian and scholar of the Nazi Regime, the Holocaust, and the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials. I also have been researching American Nazis since 1999 during my first assignment as a Navy Chaplain with the 2nd Marine Division when we experience a wave of White Supremacist crimes and Neo-Nazi crimes. When you call Mr. Weinstein a “Jude verfluchte” or “Jewish curse” and sign your email with the popular Neo-Nazi term “88” meaning “Heil Hitler” there is no doubt that you are a Nazi through and through. I have no doubt that if the situation was favorable that you would have no problems killing Jews and others with “neck shots” over mass graves like the SS Einsatzgruppen did in Poland and Russia.

Truthfully I hate knowing the details of what the Nazis and their allies did, but it does help in sniffing out people like you. I guess in my retired life I will not only be a historian but a Nazi Hunter.

I would advise you not to make such threats against Mr. Weinstein or anyone else, Jewish or not, especially using your real name and email address. That is a Federal crime and using your actual name and email address makes you a suspect if any harm that comes to Mr. Weinstein or anyone else.

With all sincerity and no respect,

Fr. Steve Dundas+
Commander, Chaplain Corps, US Navy (Retired)


Response from MRFF Advisory Board Member Mike Farrell
On Friday, December 25, 2020, 08:02:20 PM PST, Mike  wrote:
(name withheld),
You lose. But where’s the surprise; you’re a loser. The fact that you’re an anti-Semite only deepens the
brand on your character. Since you seem to wear it with pride, you’re welcome to the symbols of hatred
that represent Nazism. We don’t want them darkening the memory of those who fought for freedom from
the very tyranny your ugly tantrum attempts to defend.
You realize, I trust, that the “original iron cross with Swastikas” that you found so “awesome to look at”
would not be allowed in a German cemetery today because the people of that country understand the
horror etched on human history by those who believed as you apparently continue to do. Unlike you, they
have repudiated it, George. They are embarrassed by it and by the ever-diminishing few who, like you,
continue to dream they are part of a ‘Master Race’ that was actually a hallucination conjured up by the sick
mind of a deeply deranged Adolf Hitler.
What a pity. What a pathetic pity that you are so lost and lonely.
Mike Farrell
(MRFF Board of Advisors)

hey fruitcake,
I was writing to you NOT to your buddy btw.
On April 20th I email you a reminder to join me in celebration to you know what, right ? 
Until then you can retire to you basement and please leave others out of it will you ?
(name withheld)

Response from MRFF Advisory Board Member Mike Farrell
On Dec 25, 2020, at 9:14 PM, Mike  wrote:


Piss off, champ.

Response from MRFF Board Member John Compere
On Dec 26, 2020, at 8:32 AM, John Compere  wrote:
Your nefarious neo-Nazi, anti-Semitic & anti-American nonsense reflects only on yourself & reveals a hate-filled hypocrite incapable of civil & coherent communication. Moreover, it makes your malevolent & moronic message meaningless.
Patriotic Americans of all races & religions, including members of our US Congress, were offended by the evil Third Reich’s Nazi Swastika gravestones in American military cemeteries & complained to the US Department of Veteran Affairs. The Department’s official list of approved emblems for military graves in federal cemeteries does not include & has never included Nazi Swastikas. That is why they are being removed & replaced – as they should be.
If you are capable, consider these words of wisdom: “Hate corrodes the container it is carried in.” – George H.W. Bush (American military hero, Christian gentleman & Republican President).
Brigadier General John Compere, US Army (Retired)
Disabled American Veteran (Vietnam Era)
Board Member, Military Religious Freedom Foundation (composed of over 80% Christians)

Response from MRFF Advisory Board Member  Joe Levin
These guys could care less. This one will probably seek glorification on a white supremacist web site. Still terrific letter from Steve.

First, Thank you for in this contentious day and age, a refreshingly respectful reply.


I am formulating a lengthier response to Mikey and since my original message was widely disseminated It is my hope, he will also forward  this and my longer response.


I too am a historian, so nothing you or others have shared about the “Nazi” other than a few details is new information.

a valuable reminder, YES.

As an aside, in Grade school we listened on the RADIO, Pre TV days, to parts of the Nuremberg trials.  In fact, we often listened to Congress on the radio and then “Debated “the issues.


Please reread my note to Mikey, nowhere did I protest the removal of the Nazi symbol markers.

I was attempting to put a “Human Face” on those who served a “Thankfully losing cause

I am and have long been a supporter of Mikeys efforts


Why Human, hopefully my comments herein will highlight my answer to that question.


Briefly, my background. Grandparents on my father’s side were Germans from Russia, landed Ellis Island May 1894

I cannot remember NOT Reading, it was not Dick and Jane and Seldom Comic books.

Possibly my early exposure to Mythology and Philosophy laid the groundwork that continues to drive me to ask the Human WHY, not simply a big picture but the underlying Human causes.

I Joined the US Army (Airborne) May 1958, retired USAFR 2000(Rescue) 6 years at the USAFA as a DOD Civilian (Airmanship)

Germany,59-61 Yes, I saw the start of the Wall and another reflection, on my way to Desert Storm we RON’d in Germany and I saw a section of the wall as a memorial and thought.  I have served the whole Era from before the Wall and am still serving.


You asked why no Japanese flags are in our Rural cemetery, Simple, no Japanese soldiers are buried here.


This did raise a reflective thought on History and humanity.

WE still fight the “Nazi” horrors and yet the Japanese Atrocities were now and after the War seldom mentioned.

I reflect on the fight the author of the book Rape of Nanking fought to get her book published.


Another reflection, in my early military career I knew many who fought in Europe,

few I remember individually expressing latent hostility towards the Germans, those who fought in the Pacific, Much less forgiveness.

The “Official” US policy towards the Germans was in 59 still based on our “Occupation” based on General Eisenhower’s openly hostile feeling of distrust towards Germany.


As I watch our current national disaster play out, I ask, why do we not also point out the complex Social, Racial, economic, Religious forces that lead to the “Rising Sun”


In fact, Why are we so quick to point to the Nazi Horrors, symbolized by the Swastika and are not publicly and Nationally not discussing the current US similarity of Economic, social forces that gave Hitler his power?


WHY are we so focused on a Symbol we are not discussing the “Faceless Enemy” tactics long used to rally the masses?


You rightfully point to the horrors perpetrated by various German “Special Units”

Again, I attempt to look beneath the “Big Picture” and the Official history as I face my own challenges and decisions on how to use my “Political Power”, I am an elected Official and take that responsibility seriously.


Recently I found a book in Canada printed a few years ago in England, Green Devils, Red Devils by Edmund L Blandsford    It’s a mostly personal account of British and German Airborne in WW 2,

Several takeaways, Germany was NOT a unified Nazi power, in fact it might be argued the “Infighting: within his high command led to his downfall.


Another Human story is the RESPECT the British and German Airborne had for each other.  One story really struck me, after the British 6th Airborne surrendered at Arnhem the SS was marching them away to execute them.  The GERMAN Airborne after a tense at gunpoint conformation removed them from the SS.


Thank you for your offer of continued discussion, I look forward to it as a part of my ongoing journey to understand and deal with the underlying causes of violence.  violence in all its insidious forms.


As such I would ask you to look into the efforts of a group working to REUNIFY The United States of America, by opening a respectful dialog based on listening to others views.


It is called “Braver Angels”



Through Responsibility

(name withheld)

Response from MRFF Supporter Steve Dundas
(name withheld),

Thank you for your considered reply. My concern about the headstones is the message that they convey to others today. We are facing a rising tide of Anti-Semitism, White Nationalism, a resurgence of the Klan and Neo-Nazi organizations. We have seen mass murders at Synagogues in the United States, most recently at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh. Many other synagogues, Jewish centers, schools and cemeteries have been vandalized. Black churches have been burned or likewise had their members killed in mass murders. All of these crimes are committed by people who love Nazi ideology and its symbols.

So my concern is both historical and contemporary. The danger became real to me a decade ago when a Neo-Nazi who had some real military experience made very specific and credible death threats on my blog. I was able to figure out who he was and reported him to the FBI since he was out of state. A week later his internet presence which was formidable disappeared. I do not know what happened to him but the experience woke me up to the danger of such people in our country.

As far as the Japanese flag your email was not clear that German and Italian soldiers were buried in the cemetery.

I believe that leaving headstones up with the Swastika and the words “he died for Fuhrer and Fatherland” is not productive so long as those who extol the Nazis are committing violence. Those two soldiers were privates, probably captured in North Africa following Operation Torch gauging from when they died. They were not SS men as there were no SS units in North Africa and they have Army, not SS Ranks. Neither of us know if either were true believers in the Nazi cause or not. I think that their headstones should have their names, ranks and service like Americans. In their case it would be German Army. Humanly speaking I think that young soldier who died as a POW after fighting willingly or unwillingly for an evil cause far away from home should not be saddled with the symbol and the leader of that cause inscribed on his headstone.

I realize that you are not one of the people making threats against Mr. Weinstein, thus the invitation to continue our dialogue. I hope that we do. I see from your email to me that we have similar concerns and that generally you are a supporter of Mr. Weinstein.

I have seen many of the plethora of Nazi supporting and threatening emails he has received for his support of the US Army Colonel who complained to the VA but was brushed off. I look forward to our continued discussion and I am sure that Mr. Weinstein will be grateful for any clarification you make.



Mr. Dundas,
thanks for writing. First of all I never threatened weinstein, just try to  get back at him for ugly name calling. As you know very well  veinsteinn have pretty bad mouth so i repay him in kind. I NEVER was a Nazi or I support their views or I am member of some radical organization, btw my mom was in jail during the German occupation for 2 weeks for getting food without ration coupons. Congratulations for research you done on me, mostly correct with exception that I came as an refuge after I escaped from Czechoslovakia in 1972 right after my military service there. I defected to West Germany with my active duty buddy who was still in active service and received a political asylum. We also were debriefed by American Defence Intelligence Agency in Munich for about 6 months. I volunteer all the informations they wanted to know because I hated Communism so much. In return, the  DIA treated me very well, even offered me a job on US Army installations in Germany telling me any time I want to come to America they will arrange it. So after almost 2 years in Germany they put me on plane, found me a sponsor in Chicago and in 1974 I came to US. Btw, my best decision in my life and I am very grateful.  5 years later I become a proud US Citizen. My first vote for President was for Ronald Reagan. I always worked hard, all my life and never been on any social programs with one exception when I lost my job with General Motors I collected unemployment for 5 months. Always paid my taxes and fallow all the rules of society and I am proud and privileged to live free in my new country. Looks like you know a lot about the Lidice massacre by Germans, when in 3rd and 6th grade we visited the town and memorial which was only about 30 kilometers from my hometown. That was an eye opening trip for us school kids and I never forget it. I am a military / WW2 buff and amateur researcher and it is my hobby besides the world history. You missed a point while I basically tried to piss off weinstein with some remarks. You see I just pay him back since he is certainly not an angel but got a filthy mouth. Also what upset me is your assumption that I must be stupid / idiot when using my real name and real email address. You see I have no secrets, I am honest with everybody and I am an open book. No reason for me to hide by fake ID !!! I am who I am especially now and that is uncommon  in my view. Also, I am not on any social media and never will be, looks I am just to old fashioned guy. Social media these days only get people in trouble, my opinion of course.
It all started with weinstein called for removing Iron Cross with swastika from the graves o f fallen German soldiers. Of curse we were in war with Germany then but in my view only, this is shameful since that was not the soldiers fall they had to fight for their country same as US soldiers fought for their. It was a piece of history so let it be. Same like telling Jews stop talking about the atrocities they suffered during the WW2, don’t you agree ? Do not rewrite the history….
(name withheld)
PS: Both of my parents were Czechs, no German connection at all.

Response from MRFF Supporter Steve Dundas
On Saturday, December 26, 2020, 03:17:03 PM PST, Steve  wrote:
Mr ,(name withheld),

Your words are in the strongest of Anti-Semitic tones and even if you claim not to be a Nazi everything about you screams Nazi, including your support for the Wolfclan store and its owners whose son Jake is one of the most active Neo-Nazis in the Pacific Northwest. The store is a Mecca for White Nationalists and new-Nazis so I wonder why you would want it in your town. That is what I was holding back on.
As for your involvement with reenacting that is problematic. While reenacting groups claim to be non-political, I find that many re-enactors who dress up as Nazis or Confederates frequently hold the same racial and ideological positions as the people they are playing. If one chooses to play a side whose cause was genocidal, one should not just talk about the battlefield prowess of the soldiers, or their equipment and “sharp looking uniforms.” One has to go in with their eyes wide open about the ideology and take a deep dive to see if they really want to represent that.
I know my history and you don’t. In addition to being a trained historian and scholar of that era I have been to the Concentration Camps. I have been to Dachau more times than I can count, I have been to Bergen-Belsen, Buchenwald and Flossenbürg the last on the German Czech border. I have been to the T-4 Euthanasia Center at Hardheim. I have been to the Wannsee House where General Heydrich, Adolf Eichmann and 13 other Nazi functionaries met to coordinate the administrative and logistics of the Final Solution. I have been to the Bendlerstraße headquarters where the attempt of German Army officers to kill Hitler was launched, and where their martyrdom is remembered.
Likewise I have been to the Palace of Justice in Nuremberg where the Nuremberg War Crimes trials were held. I have a special affinity for it because my primary professor as an undergraduate history student was Dr. Helmut Haeussler. He was the son of German immigrants who came to the United States in the 1920s. He served in the 82nd Airborne Division in WWII as an interrogator and interpreter and he remained in order to serve in the same capacity with the International War Crimes Tribunal. I studied under him for three years. In the nearly 40 years since I have kept up that study. All this has shown me the depth of the Nazi regime’s evil. Captain Gustave Gilbert was an American Army Psychologist at Nuremberg where he spent much time with the major Nazi War Criminals. He later wrote:
“In my work with the defendants (at the Nuremberg Trails 1945-1949) I was searching for the nature of evil and I now think I have come close to defining it. A lack of empathy. It’s the one characteristic that connects all the defendants, a genuine incapacity to feel with their fellow men. Evil, I think, is the absence of empathy.”
I have been to the Sophie Scholl Museum and gravesite in Munich. She was a 22 year old student who with he brother and other friends sent out leaflets across Germany until she was caught and executed in 1943. Likewise, I have spent many hours at the National Socialist Documentation Center in Munich.
Thus when I see men like you using the same anti-Semitic language towards a very patriotic Air Force veteran I get alarmed. Although Mr. Weinstein is Jewish, he and his organization fight for the religious liberties of all Americans and he takes the cases that many would rather ignore. Likewise around 96% percent of his clients are Christians. Let me say what you did is neither the action of a Christian or a patriotic American.
So let me do a little deep dive with you to provide you with a bit broader perspective.
The German Actor Hardy Krüger who played the composite character “General Lüdwig“ in the film “A Bridge Too Far” was in the Hitler Youth and educated at the “Adolf Hitler School” in Sondhöfen. That was a finishing school for those the Nazis wanted to assume future leadership. He rejected Nazi dogma and was ashamed of them. While he played the character the shame was enough that when not filming he would not wear the cap and would cover the uniform. I have been to Sondhöfen several times. It was a NATO base and the location of the German MP school before it was closed. I actually have a Bier Krüg from the Officer Club there. The German Army named it “Ludwig Beck” Kaserne after the Commander of the German Army who resigned in protest over the planned invasion of your homeland, Czechoslovakia. Colonel General Beck died on July 20th 1944 when the attempt to kill Hitler, which helped lead, failed. He wrote something that you need to hear:
“It is a lack of character and insight, when a soldier in high command sees his duty and mission only in the context of his military orders without realizing that the highest responsibility is to the people of his country.”
Likewise, Major General Henning Von Tresckow, another one of the central leaders of that attempt minced no words about the evil of the regime he was serving. He wrote:
“I cannot understand how people can still call themselves Christians and not be furious adversaries of Hitler’s regime.”
As well as this:
“It is almost certain that we will fail. But how will future history judge the German people, if not even a handful of men had the courage to put an end to that criminal?”
I have found that many re-enactors don’t do the deep dive into the history. They are very good with authentic uniforms, weapons and equipment, but not so much real history; the kind that requires looking at and answering the hard questions.
How you cannot see that your email is threatening is beyond me. You say that the VA should “get rid of the Jew stars of David”, and you call Mr. Weinstein a “Cursed Jew” tell him to “go to hell” and sign your email with the Neo-Nazi acronym for “Heil Hitler!” How that not be seen as threatening when Synagogues are attacked and Jews are mass murdered in the process in our country? The fact that you cannot see that shows me that there is something really sick in your soul. It is a sickness unto the death if you do not address it.
I ask you, how do you want to be remembered? Do you not want to be remembered as the son of Czech immigrants who came to the United States and made good and raised a family?  Or do you want to be remembered as a hate consumed old man who celebrates the Nazis who invaded and terrorized his country, wears their uniform, and sends emails to Jewish people using the language of the Nazis?
You may not have a Nazi party identification card, but your actions and words betray you. Truthfully I don’t trust you as far as I can throw you, and now that I know who you are I will keep an eye on you because I don’t trust the Neo-Nazis that you openly support in town hall meetings.
I am not writing this to disrespect you, but out of concern for what you support because it will kill you, it will eat you alive from the inside and ensure that you are not remembered for the good you have had to do in your life. For your the sake of your soul, I hope that you figure this out.

Mr. Dundas,
looks to me that you spend some time for Wikipedia research about Wehrmacht generals and the failed assassination attempt to kill the Fuehrer, bravo ! Also, you stuck your nose into our small town newspaper and check on me, you are a genius for sure. As a concerned citizen I sometimes raised my opinion and write to editor, nothing wrong with it and I am blessed I can use our 1st amendment  right to do that. Only you like that your views are addressed and everyone else got to fallow what you said. Hmmmm…. just like Dr. Goebles ? You should brush up on our little town. The Wolfclan store is no longer here they went out of business. During townhall meeting  I supported their store since some 20 years ago I worked with the owner, he was a supervisor in local mnf. plant were I also worked and was of excellent character. Their son, Jake I never seen in my life, and as I stated in the article that is not parent’s fault, every family got a black sheep or misguided kid. He was caught and spent some time in jail and rightfully so. So, give me a break and don’t assume shit will you ? Your false arguments just made me mad.
I was never fond of jews only until later in my life when I started pay attention. You don’t have to look to far just look at Washington D.C. where all is happening. Seems to me everything is run or have to be approved by the jewish lobby. You know that as well as lots of folks in this country knows. They have $$$$$, political influence and power but still crying discrimination and are portraited as victims. That is  just in their blood for centuries, like it or not, don’t matter to me you self described “professional historian”
Your accusation of me as a Nazi is serious matter, so PLEASE, STOP ANY CORESPONDENCE with me AT ONCE !!! I will do the same.
(name withheld)
PS:  My suggestion to you – As a pastor do something good to your fallow citizens, like volunteering in your local soup kitchen, do some good instead of spending hours of sniffing / spying on others in the internet world will you ? Thank you, God Bless father.

Response from MRFF Supporter Steve Dundas

On Dec 26, 2020, at 7:53 PM, Steve  wrote:

This is my last you Nazi sonofabitch. You are so damned stupid that it makes my head swim. You might be a Wikipedia junky but I am not. My library would fill your house, which if I recall is about 1500 square feet.

I hope you have your asbestos water skis for your eternal vacation on the Lake of Fire. I am done with you but I will watch my back because I know I got to you, and I know that you have Nazi associates in this country who would like Nazi Hunters like me dead. You’re a thin skinned Nazi who doesn’t like his dirty laundry aired to the broader public. But it has already been revealed and if you play this shit your face is going to be everywhere with a Swastika on it.
You see if you were really a Christian and patriotic American you would have responded differently. You would have felt remorse, maybe even shame, but then a Nazi wouldn’t feel either. You lack the sense of empathy for others to allow it. You have that in common with the Nuremberg Nazis. You have no sense of empathy and like Gustave Gilbert said, you are no different.
If I get any shit from you or any of your associates be assured you will be exposed and if needed I will take legal action. You see I’m a crazy Iraq vet. I got some serious PTSD issues and when it comes to “fight or flight” I always fight. Likewise, I hate Nazis ever since I got my first death threat in 2010. Before then it was an academic exercise, but people like you make me remember how much I hate them and all they stand. Stay away or make my day. You won’t get answered again but you will be reported. And by the way, your comments at the town hall and the local newspaper were readily available to anyone smart enough to sniff them out. You exposed yourself. Don’t blame me for publicizing your idiocy, ignorance and race hatred. You did it. Local people reported it and I shined a bigger light on it.
Don’t blame me, I only took the opening you gave me.



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  1. Gail Marie morra

    Mr. Dundas, after reading your fixed response to the 71 yrs old who has a right to remain anonymous. But you clearly lowered yourself to his level with name calling, intimidation of words, and judging the mans family background. You’re a HYPOCRITE

  2. Brigadier General John Compere, US Army (Retired)

    Ms. Morra, your protest is pointless. The neo-Nazi, anti-Semite & anti-American who authored the acrimonious attack above did not remain anonymous but chose to provide his correct name & correct email address. If you will read the response by Chaplain Dundas more carefully, you will discover that fact.

  3. Matt McLaughlin

    “….original iron cross with Swastikas” that you found so “awesome to look at” would not be allowed in a German cemetery …”
    Pornography wouldn’t be allowed to be posted in many places in America. But photographers did alot for the First Amendment.

  4. G

    Wonder why they didn’t bother to insert a 1957 Iron Cross on the gravestones?

  5. G

    Funny how we Americans don’t want to look at the war crimes they committed throughout this country’s history and let guys like the two Bushes, Dick Cheney, Eisenhower, and everyone else off the hook?

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