MRFF Action Forces Immediate End to Distribution of “TRUMP IS STILL MY PRESIDENT” Bumper Stickers

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March 16, 2021

A representative of 5 active duty military members contacted MRFF President/Founder Mikey Weinstein after one of their NCOs (non-commissioned officer) was seen distributing extremely inappropriate bumper stickers to other staff members at the workplace while on duty. This client representative described the situation in an email to Mikey:

One of our more senior NCOs (rank withheld) was seen by me and 4 other (name for military branch members withheld) kind of quietly handing out some bumper stickers to other (military HQ organization name withheld) staff members in our workplace and during the duty day. The thing is that these bumper stickers said; “TRUMP IS STILL MY PRESIDENT’
This particular NCO has a rep for being kind of quiet but we all recall that he handed out another bumper sticker last December in the same effed-up way that said; “JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON”

These clients stated their desire to avoid unnecessary trouble and requested that Mikey speak directly with the offending NCO’s superior to quietly resolve this situation. Mikey informed these clients that passing out these religious and political bumper stickers while on duty was not legal and that the Trump related bumper sticker could be seen as treason on the UCMJ. After quickly contacting the NCO’s immediate superior, Mikey was informed by the MRFF clients that “we were promised that he [the offending NCO’s boss] got up all in the face of (name and rank of offending NCO) and he even told us that this will not ever happen again.”
Mikey received the following email from the active duty supervisor who took immediate action regarding this highly inappropriate, illegal, and unconstitutional action:

From: (Active Duty Senior NCO’s E-mail Address withheld)
Subject: Trump bumpersticker distribution
Date: March 16, 2021 at 10:11:57 AM MDT
To: Information Weinstein <[email protected]>
My name is (senior NCO’s name and rank withheld) and I am the military supervisor here at (military installation name withheld) of (offending NCO’s name and rank withheld). Please do not release any of my identifiers in this email.
I am confirming that I have seen the appreciation email to you and the MRFF which 5 of my unit’s (name for military branch member’s withheld) sent you after the incident where they observed (offending NCO’s name and rank withheld) distribute the identified bumpersticker about former President Trump in our (military HQ organization name withheld).
This particular NCO is generally not vocal about his political views but has been more vocal about his Christian religious views. I have had to counsel him before about his preaching to subordinate military members. I had not been aware that he had passed out Christian material in our workplace during the Christmas season. I promise you that that and all other religious sermonizing by him will stop immediately in our workplace.
Mr. Weinstein, I am also confirming that you and I spoke about the Trump bumpersticker matter and that I was shocked by what happened. I immediately counseled (offending NCO’s name and rank withheld) about the very serious nature of this offense and that it set a terrible example for the younger troops who had watched him do this. I told him that if anything like this ever happens again that I will be the first one to bring charges against him. The message was received. He has apologized.
Thank you for allowing me and the (military branch name withheld) to resolve this matter at the lowest level possible. At least this time. I and many of my fellow service members have been supporters of the MRFF mission for many years. Never thought I’d have the chance to talk with you and sorry it was under these circumstances sir,
Thank all of you at the MRFF again.
(Active Duty Senior NCO’s name, rank, job titled installation all withheld)



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  1. Meus April 2, 2021 at 3:58 pm

    If words offend, close your ears.
    Simply because you disagree with words…
    This is absolutely against the 1st Amendment

  2. Grey One talks sass April 4, 2021 at 6:42 am

    Meus – totally obvious to me that you do not understand the military, chain of command, consent, rules, regulations, and a slew of related terms like sedition and treason. Must be an absolute blast inside your brain (I kid as I’m not sure you have a working brain based on your comment.).

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