I’m an ‘82 USAFA grad. I support your efforts. Last night I was on a national membership call with a group of diverse, multigenerational, vets from all the branches. We were talking about how to combat white nationalism and extremism in our military. One of the other veterans mentioned you by name and talked about all the good work the MRFF is doing in this area. After I commented that I knew you, her response was to tell you to “keep up the good work” and “thank him for all he’s doing. It matters.”

(USAF Academy 1982 Graduate’s Name withheld)

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  1. gene

    Mikey’s greatest contribution so far is bullying the U.S. government into vandalizing 2 dead POW graves from a war that we won 75 years ago in December of 2020 at the San Antonio Texas Veterans cemetery . Mikey’s arrogant , bullying ways made this event happen. Mikey made sure that the sanctity and serenity of that graveyard was diminished forever. But Mikey got a big victory over 2 dead foreign soldiers in our Governments care. Very impressive.

  2. Ironmoped

    One of Mikey’s contributions, of many, is to have freed the rest of us from Christian tyranny! Christians typically think that it’s OK to force their delusional thinking on everyone else. They also believe, incorrectly, that anyone with a different point of view is a direct threat because, God forbid (pun intended), that anyone present an idea that might counter their storyline that forms the basis of their entire magical belief system! You know, the story where God impregnates another man’s virgin bride, leaves him to he raised by mere mortals, and then sacrifices him in the name of vicarious redemption! The Judeo-Christian God, like Islam’s God, is not very imaginative!
    Christians think they have a right to push their thinking on everyone else, mistakenly, because their book tells them to spread the word, but it’s really just to grow the business!
    Allowing Swastikas in a veteranas cemetery flies in the face of what they fought against!

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