MRFF Intervention Immediately Ends Practice of Lowering U.S. Flag in Shockingly Sectarian Religious Tribute

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April 8, 2021

Five active duty Christian U.S. Navy Sailors contacted MRFF when they found themselves under orders to lower the U.S. Flag in a blatant religious tribute to Jesus Christ.  MRFF President and Founder Mikey Weinstein was able to quickly end an embarrassingly unconstitutional Easter Sunday practice as detailed in the following client email:

Mr. Weinstein we wanted to thank you for stopping our (Senior NCO’s name and title withheld) from his order to us to have one our unit’s buildings (Bldg. number withheld) at (military installation name withheld) fly the American flag at half staff last Easter Sunday.  (Senior NCO’s name and title withheld) told us to do it in honor of both the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.  The five of us here at (military installation name withheld) assigned to flag detail are Christians but we knew this was totally bogus.
Thank you for talking to our Exec. Officer to make this bullshit stop.  We had tried to tell (Senior NCO’s name and title withheld) ourselves but he would not listen to us.
He is also well known in our unit as a very pushy Christian and is always handing out Christian leaflets and stuff like that in our workplace and trying to get us to go to his bible studies and church.
It seems he always has a lot of support from our chain which is why we went to you and the MRFF for help. Which you gave us immediately.  If more of this happens we will come back for help again. Thank you all at the MRFF! Please do not use our names or anything else to identify us to our chain but we all wanted to sign this note of thanks to you at the MRFF.
HOOYAH Military Religious Freedom Foundation!

(names, ranks, MOS/Ratings and titles of 5 MRFF United States Navy clients withheld)

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