1LT Stovall’s Tweets Implying that President Biden is a Pedophile

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Two of Stovall’s tweets from May 29 imply that President Biden is a pedophile (apparently part of the Qanon’s conspiracy theory that the Democratic Party is a cabal of satanic pedophiles).

First, 1LT Stovall retweeted a video of compiled clips of President Biden at various events intended to make it look like the president was inappropriately touching the young girls who were present, saying of the retweeted video, “I’ll just leave this here.”

An hour later, referring to President Biden’s somewhat awkwardly telling a little girl at a military event how grown up she looked, tweeted (emphasis added):

Resident Biden believes a 6 year old looks 19

In or out of uniform I will never accept these comments as normal or acceptable 

How many people feel good about his statements ? .. Ill wait.

I said what I said”

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