Far-right news site The Blaze mendaciously covers MRFF: “Atheist activist group wants Bible removed from POW-MIA table at naval facility: ‘Not every sailor is a white, straight Anglo-Saxon Christian male'”

Published On: June 18, 2021|Categories: Top News|1 Comment|
POW MIA table with Bible at Naval Air Facility Atsugi

Click to read on The Blaze.

The Blaze wasn’t the only Christian-centric site to dishonestly call MRFF an atheist group today. Faithwire.com also jumped on the less-than-truthful bandwagon, with their article “Atheists Demand Removal of ‘Symbol of Christian Supremacy’ From POW/MIA Table Display.

For background on MRFF’s demand that the Christian Bible be removed from the POW/MIA table at Naval Air Facility Atsugi, see our latest email blast.

(The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement.)

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One Comment

  1. Matt McLaughlin June 19, 2021 at 10:34 am

    But The Blaze backs secular Israel & all of its abortions.

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