Military Officer Thanks MRFF for its Guidance in Dealing with an All-Too-Familiar Situation — The “ABCs” of Illicit Military Proselytizing

Published On: October 10, 2021|Categories: Featured News|0 Comments|

On October 6, a military officer contacted MRFF with the type of complaint that is all too familiar to us — one that contained the three common and consistent elements — or “ABCs” — that constitute the majority of the issues reported to MRFF:

A. It involved a senior military leader.

B. The senior military leader was proselytizing their Christian faith to subordinate military members.

C. This proselytizing was done at a mandatory event, meeting, or formation at which the senior military leader’s subordinates were a captive audience.

A few days later, MRFF received the email below from the military officer, thanking us for both the information and the encouragement.

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