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To Whom It May Concern ,  We read a quote by Mr. Weinstein in The Washington Times as follows:  “These 3 USAF Academy cadets should be immediately charged and prosecuted under [the Uniform Code of Military Justice’s] Article 92 for their wretched failure to obey the lawful order of the Secretary of Defense to receive the FDA-approved COVID vaccines. They should be aggressively tried via a General Court Martial and,  if convicted, be imprisoned as well as being compelled  to pay back the hundreds of thousands of dollars per cadet which American taxpayers have forked over for their expensive education.”  We are greatly disappointed with your organization which calls itself a protector of freedom.  In our opinion, you couldn’t be more wrong.  These three cadets should not be forced to take the gene therapy based on legal grounds since the EUA prohibits that.  The FDA-approved shot is not even available in the US.  These young cadets should be praised for standing true to their religious convictions before God. Christians should be free to worship God under the Constitution by protecting their bodies from compromised substances.  The vaccine was manufactured using fetal tissue, and and it permanently alters the God-given immune system.  They are legally entitled to a general or honorable discharge.  They are wrongly being denied a religious exemption based on their genuine faith and threatened with huge financial penalties.  The decision not to commission them should be immediately reversed, and they should rather be financially  compensated for this disgrace.  With all due respect, you do not appear to know what freedom the Constitution affords them and yourself in this great land of America.  I urge you to contact the John Birch Society and Children’s Health Defense, and do your homework.  God bless, (name withheld)

Response from MRFF Board Member John Compere

Dear (name withheld),

,All members of our US Armed Forces are required by lawful order to be vaccinated against COVID-19 (along with other immunizations) to insure military readiness and protect the military community from infectious disease. This mandatory requirement originated when General George Washington ordered the Continental Army to be vaccinated against smallpox in 1777. 96% of the active military have been vaccinated to date which has prevented the contagious coronavirus from spreading, infecting and harming the military community.
All military members are required to obey lawful orders. The military service sworn enlistment oath includes “I will obey the orders of officers appointed over me”(10 US Code 502). Wilful disobedience of a lawful order is a punishable military offense under Article 92 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Military members found guilty of violating lawful orders should be punished appropriately to maintain military order and discipline.The US Supreme Court has held the US Constitution does not provide religious exemptions to our laws and the 1st Amendment does not allow persons to use religious beliefs as reasons not to obey generally applicable laws (Employment Division v. Smith, 494 US 872, 1990). The Court also recently upheld the Navy’s right to consider the vaccination status of personnel in making deployments, assignments and other operational decisions and the Air Force’s right to discipline an officer for refusing to be vaccinated for religious reasons.
The Military Religious Freedom Foundation (composed of 85% Christians) supports and salutes all vaccinated military men and women for their intelligence, compliance, loyalty and patriotism. It urges those not vaccinated to honor their service commitment, fulfill their military readiness duty and obey lawful immunization orders to prevent infectious disease from spreading, infecting and harming military members and their families.
Your misinformed comments regarding the FDA approved vaccines reveals only misguided ignorance and are not worthy of a serious response.

Brigadier General John Compere, Judge Advocate General’s Corps, US Army (Retired)Former Chief Judge, US Army Court of Military Review and US Army Legal Services AgencyDisabled American Veteran (Vietnam Era)Board Member, Military Religious Freedom Foundation

Response from MRFF Supporter

Dear (name withheld),
I am a friend and associate of Mr. Weinstein who he calls on to deal with emails like yours. I am a retired senior Christian Navy Chaplain and served for 17 1/2 years in the Army and its Reserve components. I am more than well acquainted with the issues of religious rights, medical ethics, the military and its judicial system as well as being a military and civil rights historian. 
Your email is wrong on so many counts. First these vaccines are FDA approved and the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the military’s rules requiring that all military personnel be vaccinated. That is a fact. Second, they do not contain stem cells from aborted fetuses.  
Next this has nothing to do with gene therapy, it is a vaccine against a deadly virus.
These cadets have received a half million dollar education paid for by American taxpayers, and they will not follow lawful orders. Their requests for religious waivers have been denied because there is nothing to them. The fact is that there is nothing in the teachings of any Christian church that prohibits vaccinations. Thus they will not be commissioned as officer because they cannot be trusted to follow lawful orders and that they would willingly expose themselves and others to a deadly virus in a pandemic that is not going away anytime soon. But again I guess that they and you are just special.
Your flagrant disrespect towards Mr. Weinstein is only surpassed by your unbelievable disrespect to the military, those who uphold their oaths to the Constitution, and follow legal orders. In almost 40 years in the military I have never ran across anyone as ignorant as you. That takes work because I have, as a line officer and company commander in the Army, and as an Army and Navy Chaplain heard anyone as ignorant of the military, the responsibilities of Commissioned Officers, so ignorant that you call a vaccine “gene therapy” and then recite more ignorance regarding COVID and the vaccines, using half baked conspiracy theories from less than credible sources.
And finally, you think that these four cadets should be commissioned and be compensated for their disobedience of a perfectly lawful order upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court. I just shake my head in disbelief that supposed Christians like you fall for this claptrap, and then act like Christians above all should get special treatment for religious rights when if these Cadets were Muslims, Hindus, Jews, Wiccans, or any other religion you would be clamoring to have the military crush them. Believe me, I have seen more of that kind of attitude from Christians inside and outside the military than you can even imagine.
You spit on the Constitution that Mr. Weinstein, the MRFF and I defend. By the way, of the over 77,000 military personnel MRFF have represented, 95% are Christians.
By the way I wouldn’t wipe my ass with anything printed by the John Birch Society.
With every bit of disrespect I can measure, I am yours sincerely, (name withheld)

Response from MRFF Advisory Board Member Mike Farrell

Dear (name withheld)

As is generally true in this country, you are welcome to your own opinion, but you’re not welcome to your own facts.
I believe the matter has been disposed of by those in authority and neither you nor the antiquated thinking of the John Birch Society can change that.
And please be assured the MRFF will continue to bend every effort to protect the freedom of religious and non-religious choice of the women and men in our military.
Mike Farrell (MRFF Board of Advisors)

Dear Mike Farrell,
 Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to our email.  We understand that we do not agree with each other.  However, we would add that you, as experts, appear not to have read the original documents that have been released by the drug company, Pfizer. We challenge you to go to www.thehighwire.comwith Del Bigtree and contact ICAN where you can acquire those documents. The false narrative you appear to genuinely believe and promote is crumbling. God bless,

(name withheld)

http://www.thehighwire.comSorry for the typo.  Here is the link again.God bless,

(name withheld)

Response from MRFF Advisory Board Member Mike Farrell

Dear (names withheld),
I’m afraid you’re deep in the soup. I suggest you read the attached and reconsider yourallegiances.
Mike Farrell (MRFF Board of Advisors)

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