MRFF deluged with calls and emails since news of Roe v. Wade overturned. Active Duty U.S. Naval Figher pilot asks what will happen to women like her stationed in states where abortion is illegal: “MRFF Help for military abortion?”

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Supreme Court building

From: (Active Duty U.S. Naval Fighter Pilot’s E-mail Address Withheld)
Subject: MRFF Help for military abortion?
Date: June 24, 2022 at 8:39:14 AM MDT
To: Information Weinstein <[email protected]>

Mikey and the MRFF,

I am an Annapolis grad and a U.S. Naval aviator/fighter pilot.

We knew the decision to reverse Roe vs. Wade was coming. Now it’s here.

I am just a few weeks pregnant and want an abortion. I live in a red state where a woman’s right to abortion will be gone as soon as Roe was to to be overturned by trigger legislation and decree.

This ain’t the America I signed up for. Military women have civil rights too. We just lost one this morning.

What can I do?

What do I do?

Thank you for all the MRFF does to combat this extremist religious insanity. Nowhere else to turn.

Please do not use my name or email. The rest is fine.

(Active Duty U.S. Naval Fighter Pilot’s  name, rank, unit and installation allwithheld)

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  1. Christian June 24, 2022 at 10:23 am

    You could stop worshiping Moloch.

  2. Robin Goodfellow June 24, 2022 at 12:52 pm

    Use their religious freedom mandate against them and look over what The Satanic Temple is doing. Specifically the campaign for Religious Reproductive rights. Too many people react to the name without looking at what the Satanic Temple actually is.

  3. Former soldier June 24, 2022 at 2:02 pm

    I was on active duty and stationed in a country with no legal abortion services. Federal law prevents military hospitals from offering them. So, I had an illegal abortion. In 1997.

    Is this what our women in the military will be reduced to large scale now? We can give our lives for our country but not make our own reproductive choices?

    Fight for us.

  4. Don'tGetPregnabtIfYouDontWantAKidMoron June 24, 2022 at 2:12 pm

    First of all, terrible job crafting this piece of shit bullshit email MRFF. Completely unbelievable. “I am just a few weeks pregnant and want an abortion”. Bullshit.

    If it is a real email, then this lady is a fucking moron and should have thought about the consequences of getting fucked without a condom. Or the consequences of not using birth control. Or the consequences of being so fucking stupid as to not be able to control a COMPLETELY controllable outcome. So fuck you, you dumb cunt, for being such a moron. Secondly if you or anyone else thinks abortion is a morally sound decision, you are a piece of shit and delusional.

    Fantastic win for the conservatives today! Cope with it you Leftist babies, more conservative changes coming your way courtesy of a world fed up with your bullshit.

  5. GodGiveThemTheIntelligenceTheySoNeed June 24, 2022 at 3:55 pm

    I’m scared for the outcome of our next big military engagement if our fighter pilots are too stupid to avoid unwanted pregnancy. It’s really not that difficult. You wear a condom, you take birth control, and you even have up to 5 days after to take the plan B pill. Imagine being so careless and thoughtless that you don’t even take the Plan B pill after realizing you could potentially be pregnant and dont want to be… 5 days you have for god sake
    These are the people flying aircrafts? Wtf?!?;

  6. Paula June 24, 2022 at 7:40 pm

    Apparently there are a record number of virgin conceptions happening. It takes two to tango, boys.

  7. Grey One Talks Sass June 24, 2022 at 8:19 pm

    Condoms tear. Antibiotics interfere with birth control pills. Rape happens. No matter the reason, abortion access is basic health care.

    The forced birthers only concern is forcing the Eves of the world to suffer for the crime of having (and, gasp, enjoying) sex. It’s not about preserving life, it’s about control.

    It was always about control.

  8. Fuck you June 25, 2022 at 1:27 am

    Baby killers btfo’d.

    On the bright side all the worthless holes, and derelict shitbags, will be granted a ‘no questions asked’ hardship transfer to some shitlib city, in a shitlib state, that allows this jewish blood ritual, all under the guise that they ‘feel unsafe’.

    Red state posts will become high trust, highly productive, ethnically homogeneous bastions of civility and morality, while all the unproductive tokens will congregate in their little containment zones.

    While they’re busy pencil whipping (or outright ignoring) tranny awareness class, going to the range, and conducting basic Soldiering skills, shitlibs will be holding mandatory multi-day seminars on how to properly treat monkey pox infections after a spirited session of eating ass.

    Thank you MRFF for finally supporting the very segregation the far right have been demanding for years.

  9. Ironmoped June 25, 2022 at 8:30 am

    They ALWAYS blame the woman! The right-wing in this country are NOT pro life, they’re pro birth! Let’s face it. They couldn’t care less what happens to that child after birth! They prefer impoverished women having unwanted pregnancies to support the corporate prison industry. It’s HER fault because HE didn’t wear a condom! Of course, you’ll never see a law in this country that holds the man accountable!

    For the Naval Academy grad, take leave, go overseas, have your procedure, done.

    Unfortunately, not everyone has that option.

    The man doesn’t wear a condom and we want to lock her up!

    Make the man just as responsible for the abortion as the female and abortion rates will drop dramatically!

  10. SorryBoutYa June 25, 2022 at 10:01 am

    If you think that abortion is “basic healthcare”, you are a fucking imbecile.

    Direct abortion is the intentional killing of the living organism in utero. It is an attack on health and life. It is literally the opposite of health care. It is anti-medicine.

    Not only is abortion not health care, it is a medical atrocity and a grave legal injustice. Abortion denies the right to life based on age alone and the Roe decision has no rational basis in law.

    By claiming an objective basis in medicine, abortion supporters seek to marginalize health care providers and others who disagree with them, dismissing these Americans as not living up to “the standard of care.”

    But this claim is contrary to the facts. Abortion is a marginal practice, neither performed nor accepted by most health care providers; it does not improve (and can even jeopardize) women’s life and health; and American law has recognized for decades that it is not “just another medical procedure.”

    Far from being integral to our health care system, abortion is something that supporters seek to impose on that system by force of law.

    Wear a condom, take the pill, even get the plan B pill as a backup. If you aren’t smart enough or willing to take these simple precautionary measures which will guarantee you do not become pregnant (99.9% certainty), then completely close your legs and abstain because you are too stupid to produce other humans with your retarded genetics. Yes both man and woman are responsible… Figure it out

  11. Ironmoped June 25, 2022 at 2:33 pm

    To Sorryaboutya,
    I could understand your comment if women were getting pregnant with turkey basters filled with semen. Where’s the accountability for the other half of the equation?
    Why are you MAGA dickheads only holding HER accountable?
    What’s the proposed punishment for HIM?
    How ’bout some “keep your dick in your pants” legislation? Let’s make it an even playing field.
    If she goes to jail for an abortion, he goes twice as long for not wearing a condom!
    Get real!

  12. Grey One Talks Sass June 26, 2022 at 9:05 am

    To SorryBoutYa, who doesn’t know thing one about female physiology –

    Any women in your circle who experiences a miscarriage will die because you refuse to believe abortion services are only used to terminate pregnancy.

    Typical attitude of the conservative Christian nationalist to live their life ignorant of challenges affecting anyone not them. I pity all the women you know because if you get your way they will die from things totally preventable.

    You may call yourself pro-life but you are indeed only pro-death.

  13. ironmoped July 14, 2022 at 5:28 am

    Republicans are the ONLY group on God’s green earth that will force a 10 year old rape victim to carry to term!

    But if you really want to know their character, ask them to help pay for pre-K education, school lunches, and post natal healthcare and watch them foam at the mouth!

    The single biggest existential threat to this planet is the Republican party! Noam Chomsky.

  14. ironmoped July 15, 2022 at 8:54 am

    To sorryaboutya,

    Abortion doesn’t deny anyone the “right to life!” It denies Republican Christian Nationalist men the ability to control a woman’s body!

    Using your logic, if I need a kidney, I just take one of yours! I should have the same special rights to use your body as Republican Christian Nationalists want for zygotes.

    Ejaculation outside of the vagina also denies the right to life! Are you going to outlaw condoms and criminalize male masturbation?

    Republican Christian Nationalist men can’t stand not being able to control women and keep them in their place (raped 10 year old in Ohio)!

    1 Timothy 2:11-15

  15. ironmoped July 16, 2022 at 12:56 pm

    To “Fuck you,”
    So you want liberals to piss off to their “shitlib” States (containment zones as you say), to preserve the Republican way of life?

    “Breaking fucking news,” the so-called Democratic States pay far more in federal taxes than Republican States!

    So……. If the country could be divided along party lines, many Republican States would be immediately insolvent! They “take” more federal dollars than they give! Red States are “taker” States! The Republican “two-faces”will vote AGAINST a bill that helps people in their own constituencies and then take credit for it’s passage!

    Remember all the Republican States refusing to take federal dollars for the expansion if Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act because they were worried about “deficit” spending? Trump and his Republicans increased the National debt by $8 Trillion dollars! Deficit spending under Trump didn’t seem to be a problem did it? In the meantime, Red States denied health care to millions!

    “Red States will become high trust, highly productive, ethnically homogeneous bastions of civility and morality….. ”

    You mean kind of like they are in Ohio? Where they want to force a 10 year old rape victim to carry to term? Yeah, I’d say that pretty much sums up Republican trust, civility, and morality! Ohio, incidentally, is ranked 36 in the nation in quality of life rankings by US News and World Report! So there you go, a prelude to you Republicans controlling everything!

    Red States receive much more in federal tax dollars than blue States. So who the fuck are you gonna get to pay for your Red States once you’ve divided the country and you’re on your own?

    It’s a pipe dream but I would love it! Letting you Republicans pull yourselves up by your own bootstraps would be good medicine and one hell of a rehab program!

    When Republicans need a handout, they don’t reach for their own bootstraps, they steal someone else’s boots!

    Yeah, lets divide the country right down the middle North to South. We’ll call ourselves the United States and you can call yourselves Gilead! Praise Be!

    We can see your levels of “high trust and productivity” in Red State prison populations with Louisiana leading the way and Texas not far behind! And of course, blacks are incarcerated at five times the rate as whites. So….. Yeah, the new Gilead, a bastion of civility, will have more than a few problems to deal with besides funding issues!

    Louisiana is the 2nd largest gas producer in the US and 2nd most impoverished State behind Mississippi (Thank God for Mississippi right?)! Both of them Candy Apple Red States! Or……. maybe its Moscow Red, I forget, given the Republican support for Vladdy!

    So yeah, I’d like to see a split. You Republican idiots would eat each other!

    If you look at jobs by party affiliation, Republicans are terrible policy makers, analysts, researchers. In other words, running a State or Country is just not their thing!

    They are good at religious indoctrination, fear mongering, and stealing other people’s boots!

    So you just “go on with your bad self!” as they say in the South!

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