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From: (name and email address withheld)
Date: November 19, 2022 at 8:07:09 AM MST
To:[email protected]
Subject: Thank you!!

I just read your article on Captain CRT. What a stain on our democracy. Thanks for all you do. Christian Nationalism includes domestic terrorism, and must be stamped out, especially in our MILITARY, which protects ALL OF US. Police forces need to be cleansed of this scourge, as well. I’m 71, retired, and on a budget, but I try to make a few appropriate donations monthly. There is so much wrong and sick about this society that it’s impossible to do more. Thanks again to Mikey Weinstein and all the rest of the courageous and dedicated MRFF personnel. You’re doing Real America’s work and doing an outstanding job. Your service is enormously appreciated.

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