MRFF Op-Ed by BGEN (Ret.) Marty France: No, U.S. Air Force Academy, “The Leadership Lessons of Jesus” is NOT a “Professional Military Book”

Published On: March 15, 2023|Categories: Featured News|1 Comment|
Bookshelf in Air Force Academy uniform store showing Leadership Lessons of Jesus book

“The key leadership and strategy texts were covered at Air Command and Staff College at Maxwell AFB, Alabama, and then later in more depth at the National War College, where I was named a distinguished graduate, and, because of that designation as well as some other awards, I was given more books on leadership and strategy. They line my home office walls, dog-eared and margin-noted.

“Not once during ALL of that military education was I asked or tasked to read a book on leadership from a religious perspective. Not once. I can’t even remember it being suggested. But here, finding space on two shelves at a government-run store on a military base, the message I receive is that “The Leadership Lessons of Jesus” is an important part of one’s professional military library.”

— MRFF Advisory Board Member Marty France, Brigadier General, USAF (Retired)

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  1. Bill March 15, 2023 at 7:51 pm

    The Non-Appropriated Fund (NAF) Military Clothing Sales Store at the BX is part of AAFES and hardly a government-run entity, that’s how they get to sell smutty magazines. Chill-out, there are more important things to protest regarding AAFES sales, like their more recent firearms sales.

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