Admiration and Support Pour in for Mikey Weinstein’s Op-Ed on the Rising Antisemitism Incited by the Israel-Hamas War 

Published On: November 3, 2023|Categories: Featured News, News|0 Comments|
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“I would be hard-pressed to even imagine a single person in the United States for whom antisemitism is more quotidian than Mikey Weinstein. He and his family are routinely attacked for being Jewish and have been for years, if not decades. …

“… So I pay attention when Weinstein writes, as he did on Thursday, ‘This time it just feels very different. The anti-Jewish hatred, I mean.’”

— TYT Managing Editor Jonathan Larsen, The Young Turks “Progress Report,”
on Mikey Weinstein’s Daily Kos op-ed “Jews, Jews Jews; How Do We Choose?”

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