MRFF Guardedly Commends Veterans Health Administration for Including Minority Faiths in Religious Observances Email

Published On: November 7, 2023|Categories: Featured News, News|0 Comments|
VA medical center building

Throughout its history, MRFF has had plenty of disputes with the Veterans Administration and Veterans Health Administration (VHA) regarding the unconstitutional display of sectarian religious symbols at its taxpayer-funded government facilities and proselytizing of non-Christian veteran patients by VA medical facility staff members, most ending in victories for our veteran clients, but not without requiring the intervention of MRFF.

And it is in light of MRFF’s history of issues with the VA over its failures to uphold its constitutionally-mandated religious neutrality that we also want to commend any VA attempts to promote religious inclusion. One such highly commendable action by the VHA was brought to our attention by a number of MRFF supporters and clients, who forwarded us a “Message From the Veterans Health Administration” that exemplifies the kind of religious inclusivity that MRFF’s veteran clients want to see from the VA.

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