MRFF Receives Gratitude from a Retired USAF Fighter Pilot for Mikey Weinstein’s Op-Ed on Rising Antisemitism Incited by Israel-Hamas War: “….as always you found the best words, at the best time.”

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From: [Name and email withheld]
Date: November 6, 2023 at 1:29:35 PM MST
To: [email protected]


Thanks for your response….posted recently via MRFF site….regarding the current Middle East war (it will continue I’m certain—-it
IS a WAR) that began with innocent Jewish citizens being murdered during a weekend sleep, slumber, relaxation, and celebration.

Will we ever learn? Us…we…humans…will we ever learn?

The anguish has to be indescribable, and I’m unable to find words in my vocabulary that express something I’m both personally unfamiliar with yet feel the need to fight for…

As a religious and spiritual explorer, and lover of all humanity, I’m anchored in a state of confusion and harshly loyal to the ideals of religious freedom. I’m lost for words my fellow USAF warrior….

….BUT!!….as always you found the best words, at the best time.

My heart and my love is with all that feel broken. This is so very sad.

[Name withheld]. USAF Fighter Pilot, Retired.

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  1. Ironmoped November 10, 2023 at 7:27 pm

    Fighter pilot. Such a noble, elite profession. Highly trained, smart, physically fit. Not many make the cut. The rock stars of the military professions. And, for the most part, an exclusive white fraternity to boot, at least in the American military.

    Those of us mere mortals left to live vicariously through the adrenaline rush that must accompany the dropping of a precision guided munition on, say, a hospital, or an apartment complex, or a few square mile containment area with over a million people in it. It must be exhilarating!

    And being the celebrity at services on Shabbat as you contemplate the Exodus from Gaza, er, I mean, Egypt, sorry, getting my Exodus stories mixed up. At any rate, the befitting hero worship that follows such a noble profession must reinforce a pious opinion of oneself, always necessary for such a noble calling.

    Alas, reservist Israelis have refused to attend mandatory training, saying they will not serve a dictator (referring to Netanyahu), and his moves to completely overhaul the Israeli legal system (with some success in his complete judicial overhaul plans that include diminished Supreme Court power!), nothing to do, of course, with Netanyahu himself facing legal charges.

    His judicial overhaul is still underway, spurred on by the likes of Itamar Ben-Givir, Israel’s Minister of Chaos, a die-hard follower of his hero Meir Kahana (the witch is dead but the cauldron still boils), leading to the Israeli joke, “For Sale, Israeli Democracy,1948 model, No Brakes,” spawning the extreme Nationalist Authoritarian Religious State that Israel has become, where “Arabs are dogs and deserve to die!” Speaking of emulation….!

    The House passed a $14 Billion supplemental military aid bill for Israel. I’m guessing they’re running out of smart bombs, having dropped in excess of 25,000 tons on Gaza, along with one-five-five rounds (although US Globemaster flights out of Ramstein are working replenishments as fast as they can). But don’t worry, the House is getting the money by de-funding the IRS, you know, the agency that collects government revenue. Let’s see, (give me a second, this is hard, I’m not a Republican), if we collect less revenue,………………..… then we’ll have more revenue! Now I get it! Don’t know why I was trying to make it so hard!

    Plus, Republicans are going to save money by not giving any to Ukraine, because, you know, Zelensky wouldn’t get dirt on, er, I mean, you know, ……. Vladdy.

    While Netanyahu is fueling anti-semitism (because it bolsters his power), Israel, at one time, having helped fund Hamas in an effort to marginalize the PLO (successfully), we get to watch his pogrom against the Palestinian people play out in near real time as guided munitions obliterate Palestinian babies.

    On a lighter note, have you noticed how fast Palestinians can run? In most cases, a young Palestinian can get past an exploding apartment complex before the fourth floor hits the ground! If it’s natural talent, we should get them track scholarships once this little skirmish thing is over! I’m guessing some of these kids could outrun Hussein Bolt! Course, the incentive is a bit different but worth looking into.

    But Israel can’t be blamed for collateral damage. They dropped leaflets on Gaza City, telling people to evacuate south to the Motel 6 at the Rafah gate, within 24 hours.

    Like dropping leaflets on Dallas telling all 1.2 million people they’ve got 24 hours to move to Ft. Worth! And that’s with roads and cars. Most Palestinians have to walk! I’m told the Motel 6 ran out of food in about 10 minutes!

    I heard the Israeli’s bombed an ambulance convoy. I think they were out-of-network anyway so it wouldn’t have benefitted most Palestinians – you know, not the right health insurance coverage.

    And then you have Merkava tanks in Gaza. Do you know how dangerous that job is? If a tank Commander stuck his head up out of the hatch at an inopportune time, he could potentially get hit in the head by a Palestinian kid with a rock!! You ever see the slingshots those kids use? Damn! They can sling a rock! That could cause serious injury to a tank Commander!

    This whole skirmish thing is going to blow over soon and we can all get back to watching reruns of Celebrity Apprentice.

    Remember that two wrongs make a right! 200 Israelis verses 20,000 Palestinians. Yeah, that sounds about right! 4 orders of magnitude, for the brown people, that works.

    Will we ever learn? Learn what? Genocide, infanticide, racism, apartheid, colonialism, fascism, theocracy, autocratic methods?

    There are master classes available!

  2. Grey One Talks Sass November 12, 2023 at 5:23 am

    Not quite sure the above comment is from the real Ironmoped. The attack and absolute snark about the letter writers’ profession is what gives me pause.

    As for the questions implied by the letter writer and the comment above, I have this:

    There is an answer to all this strife but no one is going to like it; including me.

    The only person I can change is me. The only way I can influence others is to live by example. The only law is Love – not Eros but Universal Love.

    It sucks knowing that I can’t make one grand sweep and the humans who scare me will be eliminated. It would be so nice but my grand sweep (read death and destruction for my enemies) would be met with other gestures just as destructive. The ripples never stop. Children avenge their parents. Parents avenge their children. It is a Mobius strip of anger, revenge, anguish, and want.

    What I’ve realized is it is up to each of us in our daily lives who must do battle against the wolves within.

    Here’s how it works – in our lives we are faced with humans behaving badly every day. Someone cuts you off in traffic. The customer service rep won’t (or can’t) resolve your issue. The idiot who lives next door is especially idiotic.

    Guess what. It’s their right to be stupid, idiotic, believe weird things. And it’s none of our/your business.

    You have to take a breath and let it go.

    That said, releasing one’s fixation on the daily frustrations allows greater focus for the things that matter. Things like being here/now for your loved ones.

    There will always be greedy horrible humans in our lives. Always. It a global issue and no one can escape those who run over anyone who gets in the way of their unquenchable need for power.

    The only thing we control is ourselves. It’s the way it’s always been. What’s new is when we’ve centered ourselves we find like minds. And together, we can crush those who do not share, who refuse to see the value in the other. Not with the individual grand sweeps but with the rules and laws available. Otherwise we become that which we despise.

    It sucks but there you go. Fractals baby. They define the universe.

  3. Ironmoped November 12, 2023 at 8:01 pm

    Grey One,
    The comment above was from @realironmoped, if i can borrow from the younger crowd.

    My posts are just an opinion.

    Thanks for yours.

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