Atheist with Priest Husband Commends MRFF on DailyKos: “Amen to MRFF! (Military Religious Freedom Foundation) […] thank DOG for Mikey Weinstein and the MRFF – You go boy! I love your work!”

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My husband is a Marine Veteran and a Priest. Last night I finally got some free time to tell him about the most recent MRFF Diary. In Case You Missed It: Wounded Warrior Battalion to be healed by Jesus

Now, it may seem odd that I am an atheist and my husband is a priest. But in addition to truly loving each other we also respect each other’s beliefs or lack thereof. When he heard about what happened with the Colonel basically performing a faith healing at a mandatory meeting he was a bit confused. He was a Chaplain candidate in the military for period of time, and he knows the rules. That kind of thing is not permitted. He wondered how that could happen because he knows that there are at least two Chaplains on base, and whenever there is any meeting where a prayer is being said there is or should be a Chaplain present. According to my husband if there were a Chaplain present the Chaplain would have put a stop to the “Faith Healing” immediately. He knows that if he were there it would not have been allowed to continue. His only conclusion is that this was not an approved religious event and that no Chaplain was at the event.

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  1. Ironmoped December 23, 2023 at 1:35 pm

    You go Girl!

    I’m an atheist married to a Catholic, so no, it doesn’t sound odd, at least in my mind.

    In fact, I used to enjoy our annual pilgrimage to midnight mass at Christmas! I was baptized Catholic at a very young age, turned atheist at age 23, and never looked back. I didn’t participate in the mass beyond the “offering of the sign of peace,” which I believe in, as a humanist, but the socialization aspect is good, the difference being that I was there voluntarily, rather than part of a “mandatory” military formation that the MRFF fights against daily.

    I worked for the military for many years and have attended many “mandatory” Commanding General functions. We’d usually be given the standard, “please stand for the National Anthem and remain standing for the invocation,” by the Command Chaplain. I’d stand for the anthem and then sit back down for the invocation and pull out my cell phone while the rest of the 500-strong crowd did the “bow your heads during the invocation” thing. I’d get a few looks but I think I confused most that saw me sit during the invocation, being a federal manager and going against the grain. Had I been just a federal employee, someone probably would have said something. But being part of the “leadership team,” I think, confused them!

    I did this, on one occasion, right in front of a four star General, who made eye contact with me as I sat during the invocation, but nothing was ever said. In other words, senior leaders are not stupid. They know it’s completely voluntary and completely unconstitutional to “force” compliance with any religion.

    I’m very glad to hear bigot Mike Turner’s amendment so overwhelmingly backfired, a clear message not only to Turner, but also to the Christian bigot Mike Johnson (and the other Christian nut job in Congress – there are many), who seem to think he can force his Christian mythology on the whole country! His Gilead on hold, indefinitely – Praise Be!

    My humanist message to the likes of Turner and Johnson is, “Go fuck yourselves!”

    If they spent half as much time being accountable to [all] their constituents as they do to their Magical Daddy in the Sky, trying to help him bring about the “End Times” (He doesn’t need your help), we’d all be a lot better off – including Christians!

  2. P January 15, 2024 at 10:09 pm

    There is no conflict as long as religion does not interfere with daily/weekly/monthly SOP. If any superior suggests otherwise they are up for court marshall. Religious infiltration of our armed forces is real and not welcome… Fight On.

  3. Secularists are Faggots February 8, 2024 at 11:39 am

    Religion is the ONLY way a military can stand strong. Otherwise what’s the point?

  4. Jsjsl February 11, 2024 at 10:41 am

    Wow, your wife must live a miserable life listening to you relentlessly bash her religion 24/7.

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